Medical Tourists to Mexico, Hear This Doctor

Medical Tourists to Mexico, Hear This Doctor on alternatives.
Medical Tourists to Mexico, Hear This Doctor, he lays it on the line.

A #doctor in the Sierras of California lays it on the line.

Medical Tourists to Mexico, Hear This Doctor on the US

#Medical Tourism refers to going somewhere else for treatment for a lot less with the #vacation as a bonus. This growing trend is yet another development in the devolution of our healthcare system.

Most of us can’t be bothered with anything health related until it becomes an emergency. Then the most expensive and least effective health care approach swings into action.

On this course …
* Insurance companies will continue to increase rates and decrease coverage.
* More of today’s headline wonder drugs will become next year’s class action suits.
* Politicians will blame the previous administration.
We the people will continue to suffer, needlessly.

Change can happen but it won’t come from politicians, insurance or drug companies, hospitals or your doctor; they caused this.

Only when Americans can no longer afford to get sick, will health become a priority in our great country.

Medical Tourists to Mexico, Hear This Doctor on Options

Would it not be easier to do what you know you should?

Meanwhile, what if we ate like our great grandparents, only real food from scratch and only drank pure filtered water?

And what if we walked more than we sat? Or at least got up and moved every 20 minutes that we had to sit.

What if we went to sleep by 10:00 p.m. and prayed or meditated every morning?

Most importantly, what if every two weeks we got an #affordable check up to make sure that we could handle any stress more effectively?

I believe that this is the future of #healthcare, available now. Are you ready?

Ready or not, the future has not yet arrived. Still, the present brings us aches and pains. Will you take advantage of #Mexico’s best doctors and #dentists? Ours are highly #qualified and affordable. Contact DocTours to arrange it all.


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