Medical Tourists Need Mexico to Save and Play

Medical Tourists Need Mexico for savings and holidays.
Medical Tourists Need Mexico now more than ever.

Medical Tourists Need Mexico’s Afforability

Americans still have to go abroad to get #affordable health care. Regular teeth cleaning, for example, compared to US prices can be 1/10th the cost in #Mexico. For American families, traveling to Mexico for #medical care simply makes more sense.

Some thought Americans would quit being medical tourists after the Affordable Care Act passed. US doctors were supposed to get cheaper. Hasn’t happened.

Medical Tourists Need Mexico’s Favorite Haven

Where’s a popular place in Mexico to go? Try the town of eternal spring. Due to these factors, #Ajijic has a unique climate.
* 1,538 metres above sea level,
* on the shores of the largest freshwater lake in the country,
* and nestled at the foot of a mountain range.
In season, white pelicans dive into #Lake Chapala.

The town of 10,000+ is the permanent home or annual snowbird sanctuary for hundreds of Canadians and Americans. It has a peaceful malecon (boardwalk) along the lake.

The pace of life is slow, but not comatose. Visitors often dine out. #Restaurants are half the price–and less–of what you’d pay at home. People enjoy art expos and theatre presentations.

This ex-pat community fundraises for other cultural activities. Proceeds go to local schools and disability organizations.

If you …
* love being within and learning about the Mexican culture and Spanish language,
* truly sick and tired of yet another winter in the ‘great white north’,
* and don’t want to roast to death but still see the sun every day,
consider Ajijic. Also pleasant are its small town neighbors on the shores of Lake Chapala. They’re all a 45-minute drive south of #Guadalajara.

Besides retirement or #vacationing, there’s the medical care that’s affordable and excellent. From among the #best doctors and dentist, we’ve vetted the very best. We arrange your appointments and handle all your logistics, like ground transportation, lodging, etc. Contact DocTours to be your #concierge.


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