Medical Tourists In Mexico Treated Well Despite US Policy

Medical Tourists In Mexico Treated Well Despite US Policy: friendship
Medical Tourists In Mexico Treated Well Despite US Policy: the opportunity

Many American expats in Mexico donate to and volunteer for charities. Yet one powerful American in the US spews rude rhetoric about Mexicans. However, being decent themselves, Mexicans do not hold gringo neighbors responsible. The difference in treatment of immigrants gets embarrassing.

Could Trump’s rudeness and inhumane treatment of children tip the balance? A Trump follower murdered Latinos in El Paso Texas. Could that act of terrorism trigger retaliation?

One million and a half Americans live in Mexico. Over eleven thousand reside near cosmopolitan Guadalajara in Ajijic. At the edge of town, a welcome sign says: “Where Joy is a habit.”

Medical Tourists In Mexico Treated Well Despite US Policy: offenses

Some Americans in the US complain that Latinos don’t speak English. Yet most gringo expats don’t learn Spanish. Of course, many are old–it’s hard. And English is universal. Many Mexicans speak it. Still, Spanish is the local language. Trying to speak it is respectful. Not knowing it could annoy those few Mexicans with the same mindset as intolerant Trumpsters.

Due to expats and tourists, Ajijic’s economy flourishes. But Mexico’s does not, thanks to Trump annulling the trade treaty. (How is that even legal? The US Constitution made the Senate responsible for treaties.) When economies slow down, often people look for scapegoats. Some guys falling on hard times could blame Americans and target handy expats. Especially since the Mexican government can’t protect Mexicans.

Trump could throw 1.5 million Americans in Mexico under the bus. And not even care.

Medical Tourists In Mexico Treated Well Despite US Policy: opportunity

Meanwhile, Mexicans are cordial in the streets, engaging in the stores, and friendly in the parks. The jokes and laughter bubble up ten times as much as in America.

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