Medical Tourists in Mexican-American Lifestyle: Enjoy!

Medical Tourists in Mexican  town watch the parade.
Medical Tourists in Mexican village have fun.

Ajijic on Lake Chapala is part retirement community. Because the Americans and Canadians are embarking on a new life, most are intent upon making friends. So it’s easy to strike up a conversation, learn the ropes, and be invited to parties.

Very few expats work. After a lifetime of it, gringos are here to play. Given the friendliness, perfect weather, and low prices, play is easy. It’s like living a vacation full-time. Happily, being carefree fits right into Mexican culture.

Due to low prices, most transplants have a maid, maybe a gardener, which frees up lots of time. A few spend some contemplating what matters. Almost everybody spends lots of time socializing.

Medical Tourists in Mexican Ajijic Enjoy Life

#Things to do abound. Thanks to affordable everything and tasty cuisines, many foreign residents dine out with friends. Or sometimes at home, taking time to enjoy the meal.

More formally, gringos engage in:
* art classes (loads of creative galleries in town),
* garden club (numerous gorgeous lawns),
* bridge club,
* writers club,
* culinary society,
* French society (overlapping with the gourmets), etc.
Many meet at the Lake Chapala Society, like an embassy for expats.

Thespians enjoy three theaters; one featured a Grammy winner, another streams performances from around the world.

On their own, foreigners hike the mountain, waterski, kayak the lake, stew in spas, play golf, tennis, ride horses, etc.

Many transplants volunteer to support their new community. Winter sends Canadians and Americans southward November through April. Then the town puts on events like the Northern Lights Festival. Charities hold galas to fundraise for:
* orphanages,
* student scholarships,
* medical care,
* abandoned dogs/cats, etc.

Medical Tourists in Mexican Ajijic Enjoy Locals

Natives set a fine example of friendliness. In the street they greet each other and non-shy gringos. They show respect for elderly people. Sometimes a task might not be accomplished as quickly as one’s used to. But it’s part of the relaxed pace.

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