Medical Tourism to Mexico & Beyond: Then & Now

Medical Tourism to Mexico is the latest wave.
Medical Tourism to Mexico is a new wave based on old practice.

Humans go the distance to get well. They did long ago. They do so now. And it looks like they’ll keep being medical tourists for years to come.

Medical Tourism to Mexico & Beyond: its Roots

Traveling to achieve wellness is as old as civilization itself. People began the practice in pre-history. They ventured forth to find cures across all continents.
* Millennia ago in Europe, hill tribes in what today is Switzerland traveled to hot springs in present-day Germany. Today, the city “Baden” is named after those “baths”.
* Next, people from all over the ancient world traveled to Greek shrines; those temples actually were medical centers.
* During the Renaissance, Europeans re-discovered the healing powers of hot springs. As before, they traveled throughout the continent to receive the waters.

Medical Tourism to Mexico & Beyond: Current Trends

Beginning with the 20th century, people traveled from all over the world to America to receive cutting-edge medical care. That continues.

Since the beginning of the 21st century:
* Wealthy patients left their poor countries for procedures developed in rich nations.
* Others bold enough to try something new or different–like treatment with stem cells–left places with strict governments for places with tolerant governments.
* Still other medical tourists left expensive nations–where doctors and dentists charge fortunes–for equally advanced treatment in affordable countries.

A top destination for Americans and Canadians is Mexico.

Medical Tourism to Mexico & Beyond: Prospects

What makes us think that medical tourism is the future? Two factors. Price and vacationing.

For example, four dental implants would cost around $15,000 in the US, less than half that in Mexico. This more than makes up for the cost of travel and stay in those countries.

What is in your future? A repeat of your ancestors’ history with world-class, affordable caregivers? To heal on holiday, contact DocTours to be your concierge and arrange everything for you.


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