Medical Tourism–to Mexico too–RunSociety Plugs

Medical Tourism--to Mexico too--RunSociety on board.
Medical Tourism–to Mexico too–RunSociety cites the benefits.

RunSociety, the magazine for runners, is the latest to plug #Medical Tourism.

Traveling for health is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Leading it is medical tourism. People who can not afford medical care in their home country get it abroad.

Tourists spend lots of money. Therefore, developing countries not only welcome visitors from developed countries. Also they invest in hotels and highways to make holidays comfortable.

Surgeries abroad range from #cosmetic to heart surgery, treatments from #dental to fertility. In addition, available healthcare includes:
* convalescent care,
* alternative medicine,
* psychiatry, and even
* burial services.

Medical Tourism–to Mexico too–RunSociety Plugs for Good Reasons

Especially relevant, patients save from 30% to 70%. Most noteworthy, that includes airfare and lodging. How can #medical cost so little? Almost everything does in less developed economies.

While saving, patients still get the same or better treatment:
* Medical training is similar worldwide.
* Many caregivers study and practice in many nations. And …
* The same agencies #accredit them (like the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare).

In developed countries, many patients remain on long #waiting lists. Yet once abroad, their caregivers put them on the priority list. Since to get well, one should not have to wait.

Further, #privacy is a big plus for some patients getting breast enlargement or facial surgery.

Finally, medical tourism gives people a chance to relax. In addition, they can explore places they’ve never seen. Then return with memories they’ll never forget.

Medical Tourism–to Mexico too–RunSociety Suggests

In conclusion, for many Americans healthcare is not affordable. For many Canadians, treatment is delayed too long. Hence many gringos turn to Mexican doctors, dentists, and surgeons.

So will you travel to Mexico for treatment? That’s affordable and competent? And performed by practitioners that are qualified, friendly, and fluent in English?

In the biggest expat community of gringos, we have vetted the best professionals. We arrange appointments and handle logistics. Contact DocTours to be your concierge.

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