Medical Tourism: Why Mexico Ranks in Top 8 for Investment?

Medical Tourism means healing on holiday.
Medical Tourism means visiting a clinic in tropical Mexico.

Medical Tourism Tripling Its Size in Six Years

In recent years, people residing in developed economies have been traveling to lesser developed countries for cost-efficient medical assistance.

In 2012, medical tourists spent $10.5 billion. From 2013 to 2019, medical tourism worldwide is expected to rise almost 18%, reaching a value of $32.5 billion. That’s over three times the 2012 size.

Key factors driving the growth in medical vacations to places like Mexico are:
* the widening range of medical treatments available, and
* technical advancements in the field of medical and healthcare.
Mexico is in the top tier of destinations worldwide.

Medical Tourism to Mexico Popular with North Americans

Mexico is popular with American and Canadian medical tourists for several reasons:
* its proximity and familiarity,
* low air fares with easy air connectivity,
* high quality treatments and medical infrastructure, and
* affordable prices.

Mexico constantly trains its medical personnel to obtain international certifications. Plus, its private hospitals and clinics invest in new technology. The Tourism Secretariat of Mexico (SECTUR) broadcasts these advantages to the growing ranks of medical tourists.

Mexico recently achieved universal healthcare coverage. Two thirds of the 4,500 hospitals nationwide are privately owned. Two thirds of Mexicans rely on the public healthcare system.

With a population above 122 million, Mexico is the 15th largest economy in the world.

Medical Tourism Helps Rank Mexico in Top 10 for Investment

Each year, nearly 1400 CEOs from 79 countries peg the world’s most attractive countries in which to invest. This year, their votes put Mexico in eighth place. That’s up one notch from last year.

The pollsters questioned CEOs between September and December. Then last month at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, they presented their results.

At the top of the list was America with 43%, followed by China with 33%, Germany 17%, Great Britain 15%, Japan 8%, India 7%, Brazil 7%, Mexico 6%, France 5% and Australia 5%.

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