Medical Patients In Mexico = Tourists, Too: 3 More Events

Medical Patients in Mexico have a vacation awaiting them.
Medical Patients in Mexico can have fun three new ways.

Here are more #things to do for medical tourists to the Lake Chapala region.

Medical Patients In Mexico: Watch Downhill Taxco

Downhill Taxco is 40+ cyclists racing through the streets of this city in Guerrero. More than 13,000 spectators watched the sixth annual adrenaline-charged event.

Most noteworthy, the 1,800 meter route has a drop of about 300 meters. The urban downhill mountain bike racecourse has:
* alleys,
* drops,
* stairs, and
* jumps.

It occurs the first weekend in November. Also, Taxco is famous for its silverwork. It’s an overnight trip from Chapala.

Medical Patients In Mexico: Visit Book Fair

The most important publishing gathering in Ibero-America is the Guadalajara International Book Fair. Who displays their wares?
* authors,
* literary agents,
* librarians, and
* booksellers.
Most of all, over 2000 publishing houses come from 47 countries.
Hence over 800,000 book lovers attend.

For nine days, people listen to their favorite authors. Writers from all continents and languages participate. Academics discuss the major issues of our time. In addition, music, arts, cinema, and theatre fill the city. This year, performers come from Madrid, the featured Guest of Honor.

Especially relevant, it’s a half-hour drive from Chapala.

Medical Patients In Mexico Tour Pyramids

Los Guachimontones is a prehispanic abandoned town on a hill near Lake Vega. Circular stepped pyramids loom over the middle of circular building complexes. It existed from 300 BCE until 900 CE.

Its residents evolved the Teuchitl├ín tradition. They created small islands irrigated by floodgates, dams, and canals. On them they raised crops and hunted and fished the lake. It’s home to hundreds of migratory birds.

They founded their city next to the third largest obsidian deposits in the world. From over 1,000 mines, they extracted 14,000 tons of volcanic glass. Skilled craftsmen shaped the obsidian into swords, spear heads, mirrors, and ultra-thin earrings.

Especially relevant, the site has a fantastic museum and cafe serving pre-Hispanic food and drink. It’s a day trip from Chapala. Finally, if coming for touring and healing, contact DocTours to arrange your appointments and visit.

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