Major Media Cover Mexico For Retirees, Tourists

Major Media Cover Mexico For Retirees, Tourists in general.
Major Media Cover Mexico For Retirees, Tourists headed to Ajijic.

Major Media Cover Mexico For Retirees, Tourists in general

Yahoo Finance is the latest to cover expat retirement towns in Mexico. And what’s good for retirees is good for medical tourists to Mexico. Most notably, the towns are safe, prosperous, and full of English speakers.

In addition, you don’t have to give up all the comforts of home. In fact, you can add to them with fine dining and year-round sports. The lifestyle of expats is similar to the one left behind in the US–just better.

Especially relevant, more Americans have retired abroad in Mexico than in any other country. Due to the low cost of living, sunshine, accessibility, and established expat communities drawing many retirees south of the border. Similarly, the low cost of healthcare draws the millions of medical tourists.

Major Media Cover Mexico For Retirees, Tourists in Ajijic

Of the three best places to retire in Mexico in 2019, one is Ajijic on Lake Chapala. Also it’s one of the very best places to find the best doctors and dentists. You can enjoy quality care at very low prices.

Two factors have drawn top quality medical professionals to Ajijic. One is the outstanding natural beauty–the lake, mountains, flowers, and climate. The other is the proximity to Guadalajara. The second biggest city in Mexico has the newest major hospital in the Western Hemisphere.

The Mexican government estimates that nearly 20,000 expats reside full time in the state of Jalisco. Ajijic on Lake Chapala is home to an organized and developed expat retiree community. Furthermore, the Lake Chapala Society reports at least 4,000 American and Canadian residents. Over the past four decades, Ajijic has attracted many foreign retirees. Hence it’s become very friendly to foreign residents.

Need to take care of what ails you? And need to save money at the same time? Become a medical tourist to Ajijic. Contact DocTours to arrange your appointments, hospitality, and all else.


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