Major Insurers Send Medical Tourists to Mexico

Major Insurers Send Medical Tourists to Mexico to save and heal.
Major Insurers Send Medical Tourists to Mexico after finding it’s sensible.

#Insurers, too, not just patients, save using #medical tourism.

Most noteworthy, over 14 million patients–and counting–travel abroad for healthcare services yearly. Why? Compare the #cost of seeing a doctor or dentist in The States vs. #Mexico. There patients pay less. Factor in airfare, accommodation, and sick days off work. Especially relevant, travelers still save while healing on holiday.

Major Insurers Send Medical Tourists to Mexico to Save

Now leading #insurance companies, including Aetna and CIGNA, have started experimenting with cross-border medical coverage. Their new plans let customers visit a designated clinic. Then the provider reimburses them partially or entirely.

Many foreign facilities meet the healthcare #standards of developed countries such as America or Canada.

Insurance companies save plenty. Hence they waive the deductible and out-of-pocket health expenses. Furthermore, they cover travel expenses for the patient and a travel companion.

Blue Shield and Health Net in California covers healthcare in Mexican hospitals for US employers who hire a large number of Mexican employees. This program includes over 20,000 patients.

In addition, Blue Cross Blue Shield provides insurance policies to enable and encourage people to travel abroad. They find low-cost procedures that are expensive in the States.

Major Insurers Send Medical Tourists to Mexico, So Do Others

Several Fortune 500 companies outsource expensive medical procedures to healthcare providers abroad. Thereby they cut down on employee healthcare cost.

In Canada, patients may experience long waits before undergoing a medical procedure or treatment. To clear backlogs, some medical professionals refer their patients to international healthcare providers. Some American healthcare facilities have begun accepting referrals from health travel agencies. Often they provide discounted services to American and non-American patients.

Collaboration with insurance companies advances. So does progress in medical technology. Together they’re making medical tourism into a borderless industry.

What about your insurer? Or do you lack insurance? You can still save by visiting Mexico. Contact DocTours to arrange all.

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