Major Health Mag on Medical Tourism to Mexico

Major Health Mag on Medical Tourism to Mexico is PSM.
Major Health Mag on Medical Tourism to Mexico Is very upbeat.

Pacific Standard Magazine wonderfully informs readers. A recent article covered #medical tourism to #Mexico.

For years, Mexico has been popular among Americans. Because they sought #affordable dental care and prescription drugs. First it was border towns. Now, destinations in the heart of Mexico are popular.

More and more Americans and Canadians head south for medical care. Mexico is among the top destinations for gringos. Most of all it’s close, affordable, and fast.

In the US, #medical costs are three and four times higher than in Mexico. Hence Americans go to save money. While Canadians go to save time. Since under their nationalized system, patients can wait months to a year just for a consultation.

Major Health Mag on Medical Tourism to Mexico: Costs

Especially relevant, health-care costs in the US keep ballooning. Most noteworthy, some Americans haven’t seen a dentist or gynecologist or dermatologist in years.

The Affordable Care Act has reduced the number of uninsured by about 20 million. However, it hasn’t curbed the medical tourism industry.

As of 2015, about 65% of those traveling for #treatment were not covered by insurance. And their insurance doesn’t cover surgery in the US. Furthermore, it’s too expensive to pay for out of pocket.

For dental work, even with insurance, patients end up paying big bills for anything beyond cleanings. Other patients don’t have insurance.

Major Health Mag on Medical Tourism to Mexico: Services

People commonly travel to Mexico for:
* bariatric surgeries,
* dental work,
* stem cell treatments, and
* fertility treatments.

In Mexico, Americans can find dental care that’s 60% cheaper than in the US. Many go for crowns. And bariatric surgery is 70% cheaper.

Plus, the quality of care is comparable to the US, if not better. In the US, patients sit in a doctor’s office for a long time then see her-or-him for 15 minutes. In Mexico, patients don’t feel as rushed.

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