Latest Mainstream Media on Medical Tourism to Mexico–CBS MarketWatch

Latest Mainstream Media on Medical Tourism to Mexico--cites boom.
Latest Mainstream Media on Medical Tourism to Mexico–cites experiences.

#Medical tourism is booming, notes CBS MarketWatch, the latest #media voice. Most noteworthy, almost 1.5 million Americans traveled abroad last year to save money on a #medical procedure.

The surge in medical tourism is hardly surprising. Due to the ridiculous cost of health care in the United States. Most of all, savings can range anywhere from 20% to 90%.

What’s more, the global market for medical tourism is expected to grow as much as 25% a year.

Latest Mainstream Media on Medical Tourism to Mexico–Personal Experiences

Especially relevant, on Reddit someone asked for both good and bad #experiences from medical tourists. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Here are a few highlights:
* “Had to get a #gum graft done. In the US with insurance put me around $5,000. In Mexico, after the plane ticket, procedure, car rental, and AirBnb I was still sub $2,100. Everything worked out great for me and I would completely recommend it to anyone who needs to save the money.”
* “All my family returns to either Mexico or Peru for #dental work or #cosmetic work such as botox.” And …
* “I can’t tell you how many patients tell me how they wished they did it sooner. Same materials, same skills, just 70% off.”

Yes, a few stories of botched procedures emerged, as one would expect anywhere, US included. Yet if #cost is a factor, consider becoming a medical tourist. Because treatment abroad can be very safe and cost effective.

Latest Mainstream Media on Medical Tourism to Mexico–Get Ready to Go

Here are four steps to follow to ensure a positive experience:
1. Consult a travel health provider.
2. Prepare for recovery ahead of time.
3. Tell your credit card company you’re going. And
4. Keep in touch with loved ones.

Hence consider coming to the biggest expat community of Americans and Canadians. They’ve resettled on the shores of Lake Chapala, near Guadalajara in Mexico. They have bestowed the best reputations on local caregivers. From them, we vetted the very #best doctors and dentists. To use these #accredited and #affordable professionals and enjoy a #vacation, contact DocTours to arrange all.


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