Kindness Helps Happiness, Like Medical Tourism to Mexico

Kindness Helps Happiness, Like Medical Tourism to Mexico: conscious.
Kindness Helps Happiness, Like Medical Tourism to Mexico.

Be kind to others and yourself as by healing in Mexico. It pays off big.

Kindness Helps Happiness, Like Medical Tourism to Mexico: conscious

People say humans aren’t kind. We remember unkind gesture and rude persons. But when researchers measure behavior, they find humans behave kindly regularly.

When asked what’s more important, people choose #kindness. Benevolence beats out hedonism, excitement, creativity, ambition, tradition, security, obedience, social justice, and power. In dozens of countries, people choose the same. People in Scandinavia value benevolence the most and rank the #happiest in world.

Some people reason their way to kindness. People who donate kidneys to strangers don’t talk much about feelings. Rather, they give logical reasons.

People spend much time worrying about themselves. When they consider others, their being kind toward others redirects one from her own problems.

It’s not just emotional. It’s #physical, too. People with multiple sclerosis felt better physically when helping others.

Kindness Helps Happiness, Like Medical Tourism to Mexico: unconscious

Kindness is as #instinctual as anger, lust, grief, and desire for revenge. And it’s much older than religion. People are kind because we are social animals. Kindness help a species survive. The more you help others, the more they help you–survival of the friendliest.

The same places in the #brain that house the ability to nurture and love also lets us dehumanize and exclude. Some people mistreat newcomers to protect loved ones. They’re generous to family and friends, but feel threatened by outsiders.

Our bodies aren’t just #programmed to be nice. Also, they reward us for being kind. Doing kindness makes us happier and being happier makes us do kind acts.

The genes that trigger #inflammation slack off in kind people but not in unkind people. Further, kind people have more #antiviral genes compared to unkind people. That can bolster well-being during a coronavirus pandemic.

When feasible, kindly heal in Mexico. Contact DocTours to arrange all.

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