Jaguars In Mexico Increase Eco-Health Note Medical Tourists

Jaguars In Mexico Increase Eco-Health Note Medical Tourists: strategies.
Jaguars In Mexico Increase Eco-Health Note Medical Tourists.

Medical tourists to Mexico visit a nation serious about ecosystem health. People who care about the natural world not only care about health in general. Also, their actions create an environment that preserves natural resources. In that world, both future generations and other species thrive.

Jaguars In Mexico Increase Eco-Health Note Medical Tourists: strategies

Wild #jaguars have increased their number in #Mexico. To reverse the big cats decline, the Mexican government uses several strategies. Being the homeland of 4,000 animals, Mexico has the second-largest population in world. What that government does matters greatly.

– The governments of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize have formed a tri-national partnership. For its part, Mexico designated a #protected area. It includes #rainforests in southern Mexico. Those states are Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Campeche, and Chiapas.

– On its own, Mexico created three #biosphere reserves. One is a natural protected area in Sonora at Sierra de Ajos-Bavispe. Another is in the Tamaulipas Sierra. And the third is in Quintana Roo.

– Poachers that government catches now face stricter penalties. Anyone trading or hunting the felines can land in jail. Found guilty, a judge can sentence them up to nine years in prison.

Jaguars In Mexico Increase Eco-Health Note Medical Tourists: results

The feline’s population increased 10%. In the Yucatán peninsula region alone, the population grew from 1,850 to 2,000.

The country with the second largest population of jaguars in the wild is Brazil.

The jaguar’s original range extended from the southwestern United States to Paraguay and northern Argentina. Unfortunately for a healthy ecosystem, humans have severely reduced its habitat.

The jaguar is the third largest cat species in the world. The second biggest is the lion. And the third is the tiger. The saber tooth tiger would be the biggest if not extinct. Even Stone Age humans could drive other species to extinction.

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