Investors’ Site Covers Medical Tourism to Mexico

Investors' Site Covers Medical Tourism to Mexico's pros.
Investors’ Site Covers Medical Tourism to Mexico’s Caregivers.

Benzinga, a financial media outlet, reports to its readers ways to #save money. A recent press release covered #medical tourism. The savings can be huge.

An increasing number of Americans undergo #medical procedures overseas. In those countries, the #quality of care is high and #prices are low. Most notable, patients seek major #dental procedures, Lasik, and #cosmetic surgery.

In the US, deductibles can be sky high. In addition, some procedures are not covered.

People pay more for just a procedure in The States. When they fly abroad, they spend less to have the same procedure. Plus they get to take a #vacation for a week or two.

Investors’ Site Covers Medical Tourism to Mexico’s Pros

#Mexico has become a leader in the provision of medical care to visitors. Its proximity to America and Canada appeals to medical tourists. Saving time is high up on medical tourists’ list of benefits.

Patients travel to Mexico for:
* low prices,
* excellent care,
* superior results,
* no waiting, and
* a location for a fun vacation.

Some procedures that are now quite popular for travelers to Mexico include:
* cosmetic surgery,
* gastric bypass, and
* assisted reproduction.

Take a moment to think what you have to pay for medical care in The States. Then knock off 70 or 80 or even 90%. Such savings are possible is what patients report.

Investors’ Site Covers Medical Tourism to Mexico’s Doctors

People chose to combine saving money on health care with a fun getaway. People use the recuperation time to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of an exotic culture. And to enjoy the members of a cheerful society.

In Mexico, English is widely spoken. Many doctors were trained in the US or worked there. Conversely, there are a number of American doctors who set up practice in Mexico. Much of the above comes from

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