In Top 10 Destinations For Medical Tourism–Mexico

In Top 10 Destinations For Medical Tourism is our Latin neighbor.
In Top 10 Destinations For Medical Tourism is south of the border.

In 2016, over 11 million Americans visited other countries for #affordable healthcare. Visa and Oxford Economics figured medical tourism will grow up to 25% every year for the next decade. Therefore, competition between countries for health tourists grows fiercer.

Going abroad, gringos find medical procedures including:
* #cosmetic surgery,
* #dental work, and
* orthopedic surgery.
Especially relevant, all are at #high quality and affordable rates.

In Top 10 Destinations For Medical Tourism–Sunny Neighbor

In the top 10 #medical tourism destinations around the world is #Mexico. The JCI #accredits health clinics globally. Most noteworthy, they accredited 7 Mexican hospitals.

Among medical tourists, Mexico has earned a reputation for two treatments. One is advanced care in dentistry. The other is cosmetic surgery. Most of all, visitors #save at least 40% to 65% off the cost of similar services in the US.

Furthermore, tourists in general enjoy Mexico’s:
* delicious cuisine,
* rich culture, and
* its good taste for art.

In addition, a huge advantage of Mexico is being much closer than Brazil or Turkey or Thailand.

In Top 10 Destinations For Medical Tourism–Your Concierge

Meanwhile, the #cost of healthcare in the US continues to rise. Hence many gringos continue to benefit from doctors and dentists abroad. There they receive quality healthcare at a much lower rate.

In conclusion, patients seeking medical treatment abroad should focus on the top ten. Because as the medical tourism market becomes more competitive, these countries invest more in it. Also, each one delivers quality care and a relaxing ambiance at an affordable cost.

Whichever caregiver you choose–whether one at home or abroad–do research. Check for:
* international accreditation,
* quality and standard of care provided,
* and the skills of the medical professionals.

In the biggest expat community of Americans and Canadians, most don’t return to North America for healthcare. They find satisfaction in their new home locality. Here, we have #vetted the #best doctors and dentists. As a #concierge for medical tourists, we arrange appointments and handle logistics. Finally, for all that and a vacation, contact DocTours.

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