Healthcare Abroad Is Expats’ Top Requirement: Forbes

Healthcare Abroad Is Expats' Top Requirement: Forbes sans Medicare.
Healthcare Abroad Is Expats’ Top Requirement: Forbes says, and it’s met.

More than a half million Americans over the age of sixty-five live outside America. US Social Security now mails that many payments to addresses in other countries. The expats are quite happy and content in their new countries.

Those Americans live their dream. Closer to the equator, year-round tropical breezes relax them. And the cost of living is much lower.

For their destination, many choose Mexico. Lake Chapala, near Guadalajara, and San Miguel de Allende both have large expatriate communities. So do some coastal towns:
– San Jose del Cabo,
– Mazatlan,
– Puerta Vallarta.
The last one (PV) is just a few hours from Lake Chapala.

The criteria for the best places to retire abroad:
– attractive and hospitable locale,
– affordable on a fixed budget,
– accommodating for older Americans, and
– good-to-excellent healthcare.

Healthcare Abroad Is Expats’ Top Requirement sans Medicare

Older expats often rank the last criterion–healthcare–number one. Especially since US Medicare does not cover citizens living abroad.

However, almost every other country but the US has some sort of national health plan. Most offer universal coverage. They even include foreigners with resident visas.

In most other countries, the private health care system operates in parallel with the public system. Many doctors provide services through both systems. They maintain a private practice. Plus they work in the public clinics and hospitals.

Healthcare Abroad Is Expats’ Top Requirement and met

Generally, healthcare abroad is much less expensive than in the US. When they need to see a doctor or dentist, many expatriates simply pay out-of-pocket. Usually the amount is less than a co-pay back in the US.

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