Gringos & Medical Tourists Find Mexico Comfy

Gringos & Medical Tourists Find Mexico Comfy around Ajijic
Gringos & Medical Tourists Find Mexico Comfy and affordable.

Americans resettling pick places with great weather, welcoming residents, and low costs. Many move to the Lake Chapala area of Mexico:

– National Geographic ranked the climate second best in the world,
– the lake surrounded by mountains offer a captivating view,
– half hour from an international airport outside Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, and
– a laid-back vibe with friendly residents.

Most important, money goes far. An apartment can be $300. So can food. Entertainment the same. Plus incidentals, that’s $1k/mnth.

Gringos & Medical Tourists Find Mexico Comfy: daily life

Seniors get discounts on first-class buses and free admission to many museums and parks. Many rely on savings to pay for procedures as they need them. They’ve enrolled in Medicare in case they need care in the States. So many savings make returns to the US affordable.

Expats keep busy. They wake up in the morning with nothing to do. And at the end of the day have only half of it done. There’s sports, games, dancing, concerts, eating out at world class restaurants, intellectual presentations, theater, movies–you name it. Expats don’t feel deprived.

As true with anywhere, the area has downsides. Nobody drinks the tap water, unless they filter it first. Or people buy bottles of purified water; several companies deliver to one’s home. Also, Mexicans crank up the volume to celebrate and set off fireworks. But when needed, earplugs work.

Gringos & Medical Tourists Find Mexico Comfy: in Ajijic

Overall, the situation is fun and pleasing. Judge that by people voting with their feet. More and more Americans and Canadians are moving into the area. So automobile traffic has gotten heavy at times. Becoming a permanent resident of Mexico takes six weeks and requires some “bureaucracy”.

If visiting to check out lakeside, you can save on healthcare. Doctors, dentists, and surgeons are as good as anywhere. The same agency credentials them and caregivers in all nations. To arrange an appointment, contact DocTours.

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