Geysers In Mexico Help Medical Tourists Heal

Geysers In Mexico Help Medical Tourists Heal close to Guadalajara.
Geysers In Mexico Help Medical Tourists Heal in nature.

Are you a medical tourist to Mexico? While getting well, want to visit a swimming hole near Ajijic? Try the north bank of River Los Patitos (“Little Ducks”). The water in largest pool is at the perfect temperature for frolicking all day. One geyser used to sing.

Geysers In Mexico Help Medical Tourists Heal: the park

For variety, the recreational area has both hot and cold pools. Also it even has about 14 small geysers. Yet they don’t spew tall columns of water and steam.

“Parque Ecológico Los Hervores” (“boilers”) is its name. The park is 42 kilometers north of Guadalajara. The nearest towns are Teúl and San Cristóbal de la Barranca.

Further, the swimming hole has a Facebook page. Another name for it is “Balneario y Terraza Los Geisers.” YouTube has a video showing people having fun. The Municipal Tourism Department of San Cristóbal posted it. Don Roberto Castro owns the park.

A big, blue footbridge spans the river Patitos. In the big pool a sort of rocky knob protrudes. Splotches of minerals make it colorful. Out of its top squirts a mini geyser. Others squirt out of the floor.

In addition, nearby is a shady area for camping.

Geysers In Mexico Help Medical Tourists Heal: the way

For a route, Google map “Campamento Huixtlán.” That isn’t the right name. However, the directions lead to to Don Roberto’s Parque Ecológico Los Hervores.

Highway 23 goes to the swimming hole. It passes through a beautiful canyon north of Tesistán. After skirting San Cristóbal, turn off for the Patitos River. The road surface is OK, mostly paved. But also partly stony, with stretches of potholes.

Driving time is about one hour and 15 minutes from the Guadalajara beltway. From Ajijic (where Doctors is) it’s 2.5 hours. And the dip is worth it.

Soaking in a warm pool in nature aids one’s healing. To arrange a medical visit to Mexico, contact DocTours. We vet the best on Lake Chapala and meet your needs.

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