Foreign Policy Magazine on Needing Medical Tourism to Mexico

Foreign Policy Magazine on Needing Medical Tourism to Mexico.
Foreign Policy Magazine on Needing Medical Tourism after Congress cuts ACA.

#Foreign Policy Magazine on Needing #Medical Tourism in General

Recently, Congress passed their #latest tax bill. It eliminates the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to individuals. The Congressional Budget Office calculated the result. They estimate that the change will increase the number of uninsured Americans by 13 million.

Some, when they turn 50, receive from their private insurer happy birthday wishes. And the news the company’s terminating their policy. Consequently, the rising number of the #uninsured will increase travel abroad for health care.

What if you need #surgery to replace a heart valve? Get a #quote from, say, the Cleveland Clinic. They charge a whopping $130,000. And that does not include the surgeon’s fees. Opposite that in Mexico, it’d not rise into five figures, all included.

Most of all, many Americans struggle to meet #health care costs. Hence many of them choose medical tourism. Most noteworthy, more than 300,000 US residents go abroad each year for health care.

The best foreign providers offer #quality care. And it comes at #affordable rates. Furthermore to top it off, the professionals speak English.

Foreign Policy Magazine on Needing Medical Tourism Matched by Another

Medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry that is set to grow up to 25% every year for the next ten years. Especially relevant, healing on holiday combines the pleasure of traveling with the benefits of medical advancement.

Opposite more developed regions, medical care is a lot cheaper in places like Mexico. Also, foreign countries, too, provide high standards of hospitality and care. Plus, they are always updating to the latest technology.

In addition, the growth of medical tourism calls for a surge of qualified health care personnel. Therefore, answering the need are:
* doctors,
* surgeons,
* translators,
* physiotherapists, and
* other facilitators.

Smartly, these professionals learn specialized procedures that medical tourists favor. These include:
* rhinoplasty,
* angioplasty, and
* #breast augmentation.

Happily, during their visit, patients rest and relax in breathtaking landscapes.

The closest destination is #Mexico. Also it has great prices and hospitable doctors and dentists. To arrange your visit–appointments, logistics, everything–contact DocTours to be your concierge.

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