Forbes Covers Why Medical Tourists Choose Mexico

Forbes Covers Why Medical Tourists Choose Mexico: costs.
Forbes Covers Why Medical Tourists Choose Mexico.

Medical tourists to Mexico find the best doctors and dentists, at affordable prices, with the comforts of home.

Forbes Covers Why Medical Tourists Choose Mexico: costs

Ajijic and nearby towns have many Americans and Canadians, while most residents are Mexicans. Visitors are both gringos and Mexicans with money.

The little town is a half hour south of Guadalajara with its international airport.

Prices are low. #Consultation with a qualified #English-speaking physician–$35 or less. A full meal–
$6–whatever cuisine you like.

Lots of Mexicans speak some English. Two #theaters show first-run movies in English.

Albeit tropical, Ajijic is not hot. Sitting by Mexico’s largest lake (Chapala), and a mile up, both moderate temperature.

Summer rains turn the hills green and fill the seasonal waterfalls. It rains mostly at night for a few hours. Annual rainfall is 36″, like Dallas Texas.

The hillside provides awesome views of the lake and a distant volcano.

Forbes Covers Why Medical Tourists Choose Mexico: amenities

In Ajijic, costs are low while #amenities are high.

Get an x-ray in a brand-new #hospital within 4 minutes of parking one’s car. See an emergency room physician and an orthopedic #surgeon within 20 minutes.

Visiting the emergency room physician and orthopedic surgeon costs, amazingly, $14.50, the x-ray less than $40 USD.

A new heart hospital opens within weeks. So will another emergency hospital.

Charming restaurants abound. Dessert can be the creamiest ice cream. Dozens of clubs offer all genres of music.

Fiber optic is available. Online one can listen to music or radio stations in the US. And watch TV from most anywhere in the world. One can order from Amazon, Target, etc. They ship the items at no cost.

Guadalajara’s great restaurants charge a small fraction of US prices. Its malls are high-end. While cosmopolitan, it has Costco and Home Depot, plus first rate hospitals.

To be a medical tourist in Ajijic, contact DocTours to arrange appoints and the rest.

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