For Medical Tourists, Bio-Oven Shows Mexico’s Cutting Edge

For Medical Tourists, Bio-Oven Shows Mexico's Cutting Edge in green values.
For Medical Tourists, Bio-Oven Shows Mexico’s Cutting Edge for people and planet.

Mexico rocks. If you have to find the best deal for medical attention. If you’re to be the next gringo medical tourist. Know this. Mexicans can be as inventive and entrepreneurial as anyone. And as caring about the health of people and planet. A team of youths created an oven that runs on water. They call themselves “Peiskos”–in Norwegian, “warmth by a fire”. They’re in Guadalajara in Jalisco, near our HQ.

For Medical Tourists, Bio-Oven Shows Mexico’s Cutting Edge: it works

First of all, their prototype oven doesn’t use combustible fuel. Rather, its user pours water into an electrical input. Due to current meeting the water, that causes electrolysis. That’s the separation of oxygen and hydrogen into atoms. Burning hydrogen leaves no pollutants.

Especially relevant, many Mexican communities can’t afford the usual natural gas. Therefore instead they burn firewood. They must cook food and to light and heat their homes. As a result, the smoke contaminates household air. Furthermore, the logging contributes to deforestation.

The six youths took their oven to a squatters’ settlement on the outskirts of Zapopan. That’s a suburb of Guadalajara. The squatters tested it and gave feedback to the entrepreneurs.

For Medical Tourists, Bio-Oven Shows Mexico’s Cutting Edge: funding

Next, the fledgling company must secure venture capital. That will allow it to expand.

Most noteworthy, Peiskos did win a startup competition. They competed at the technology expo, “Talent Land”, in April. And this month they competed in an accelerator event in Mexico City. The free enterprise organization Enactus sponsors that competition. However, the company didn’t come out on top.

Finally, the young entrepreneurs remain determined to keep advancing. They will develop both their startup and their invention. Once they succed, Peiskos plans to sell their ovens at a very low price. Also the company will donate some to underprivileged communities. That’ll make them accessible to the people who need them most.

For Medical Tourists, Bio-Oven Shows Mexico’s Cutting Edge: tie-in

Consequently, if cost, caring, and cutting-edge matter to you, come to innovative Mexico. To arrange everything, contact DocTours.

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