Flag Day, Mexicans & Medical Tourists Celebrate Independence Many Ways

Flag Day, Mexicans & Medical Tourists Celebrate past and present.
Flag Day, Mexicans & Medical Tourists Celebrate history and present gifts.

The Mexican War of Independence lasted 1810-1821. In 1820, the Spanish army, mustered to reoccupy its colonies, revolted. Hence a year later on February 24, Mexico’s rulers quit infighting long enough to declare #independence from Spain. Conservative General Agustín de Iturbide and liberal General Vicente Guerrero signed their Iguala Plan.

Flag Day, Mexicans & Medical Tourists Recall History

Especially relevant, Iturbide carried a flag of green, white, and red.
* Green for Independence.
* White for the state religion (Roman Catholic).
* Red for Equality.

In 1823, General Santa Ana overthrew Iturbide. The new congress redefined the flag’s colors (and next year executed Iturbide):
* Green added hope.
* White added unity.
* Red added spilled blood.
In addition, the flag’s eagle, snake, and cactus comprise the national coat of arms.

In 1935 on February 24, Benito Ramírez, an employee of the Bank of Mexico, organized an honor guard for the flag. Consequently five years later, President Lázaro Cárdenas proclaimed February 24 Flag Day.

Flag Day, Mexicans & Medical Tourists Enjoy Events

For the biggest #expat community of gringos, Flag Day is another day in paradise. Most noteworthy, in Ajijic on Lake Chapala you encounter celebrations:
* a parade,
* a mariachi band, and
* traditional dancers in the central plaza gazebo.

Furthermore, holiday or not, expats:
* play bridge,
* debate hot topics, and
* watch a movie.

Also, in the fabulous #weather, gringos:
* play tennis,
* kayak, and
* climb a mountain.

The cost of living makes middle-class retirees into millionaires. Therefore gringos:
* dine out at one of many great restaurants,
* attend plays, concerts, and fundraisers, and
* volunteer for organizations that work with children, animals, the disabled, and the needy.

Knowing Spanish helps but #English is widely spoken. Nor is a car essential as walking, bussing, and ubering are convenient.

The international airport is a half hour away. #Guadalajara, a major city, offers all the big-city delights.

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