Famed Mexican Inventions, Note Medical Tourists

Famed Mexican Inventions, Note Medical Tourists in construction, too.
Famed Mexican Inventions, Note Medical Tourists: in all fields.

Are you a #medical tourist considering #Mexico? You can relax about scientific competence. It’s a nation of several world-class #inventions. One is the birth control pill. Another is catalytic #nanomedicine which will make the future radically better, in league with #stem cells. Others are:

Famed Mexican Inventions, Note Medical Tourists: renderings

1, #Color television: In 1940, at the age of 22, Guillermo González Camarena transmitted color images on television. He financed his STSC with royalties for his song, “Río Colorado”. In addition, he made the first color broadcast. Furthermore, he founded the Majestic brand of televisions.

2, Indelible ink: Filiberto Vázquez Dávila, engineer at the National Polytechnic Institute, created it. Applied to skin, it helps prevent electoral fraud. Therefore El Salvador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic also use it.

3, #Anti-graffiti paint: The UNAM Applied Physics and Advanced Technology Center developed it. Basically, Deletum 3000 causes spray paint to slide off any surface.

Famed Mexican Inventions, Note Medical Tourists: construction

4, Control pilings: Before 1951, pilings were rigid. Then Manuel González Flores invented pilings that adapt to building movements. As a result, his are the basis of anti-seismic design.

5, Tridilosa: Engineer and leftist politician Heberto Castillo combined steel and cement into three-dimensions. His structure holds up heavy roofing. Also the low-cost construction insulates for temperature and sound.

6, Breakwater: Mexican engineer Mauricio Porras filled 6.5′ by 19.5′ sacks with sand and cement. Putting them in the sea to make jetties and piers is fast and economical.

Famed Mexican Inventions, Note Medical Tourists: misc.

7, Toilet ball cock: In 1790, philosopher, priest, theologian, astronomer, cartographer, historian, naturalist, botanist, geographer, and journalist José Antonio de Alzate invented the “automatic floating shutter”. It prevents overflow in water tanks and cisterns.

8, Sonido 13: Julián Carrillo took a blade to a string musical instrument. He created intermediate sounds in the 12-note scale. Consequently, musicians from Belgium, Germany, France, and Switzerland utilized his #Sonido 13.

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