Expats Stay In Mexico’s Ajijic; Later, Brits And Medical Tourists Will Come

Brits wait for CoVID lockdown to end

Expats Stay In Mexico’s Ajijic; Later, Brits And Medical Tourists Will Come: Ajijic

During the covid-19 threat, most American and Canadian expats stay put. Their home is the #biggest expat community of gringos anywhere. In Mexico’s Jalisco state, near Guadalajara, it’s on Lake Chapala, Mexico’s biggest. Lakeside also attracts Mexican families from Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Gringos concentrate in #Ajijic, village of cobblestone streets, art galleries, boardwalk, and plaza. Its modern side has a theatre, shopping mall, and food court. Expats schedule massages, ride horses, cruise the lake, go kayaking, play tennis, golf, and volunteer at orphanages.

Over 2,000 have joined the #Lake Chapala Society. Normally, the club offers fairs with music, TED talks, science updates, foreign movies, political discussion, Toastmasters, courses in art, Spanish, and yoga. Keeping busy is less a problem than finding downtime. Expats stay because they feel at home. Their village attracts people from all over the world.

Expats Stay In Mexico’s Ajijic; Later, Brits And Medical Tourists Will Come: Brits

Brit retirees leave home due to weather–floods, storms, and cold spells. OTOH, there’s Chapala lakeside, home of gringo expats. Its #climate is mild, a bit hotter in the spring, with summer rains at night. Mountains surround the lake. Flowers and trees bloom year round, birds sing daylong.

Perhaps more than others leaving behind familiar cooking, Brits appreciate the local cuisine. Besides delicious Mexican food, #restaurants serve affordable meals as good as if not better than those in Northern California. Also, local markets, an organic market, and international outlets sell produce and delicacies.

One hears the easy laughter of children. The small-town, laid-back culture is low on #stress and high on community. The #cost of living is low–property, utilities, insurance–and social activities abundant. Guadalajara, a half hour away, has the international airport and a state-of-the-art hospital.

Once the virus subsides, more Brits and others will join Ajijic’s expats. To be a medical tourist then, contact DocTours to arrange all.

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