Ex-pats Defy Embassies, Confront Covid In Mexico

Expats Defy Embassies, Confront Covid In Mexico: their choice: the risk. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ifrc/3504369276/in/photolist-6kENTW-2bsoosL-2iu6jF6-ZFzRo8-9HVGtL-Z4Pjes-2iQwwFt-utP5ur-6nB75A-MEUbqh-4hqSnA-E7RKFg-7uhtdF-22YwBXe-ayXsyw-8PuDHa-XC3RF3-2gbyW9M-KWmdH5-Mh7BUU-9HVEAJ-2811gwJ-6jagJF-KWme1j-2gbyWoe-hv4iQr-aBMkoj-e9wqHe-RxPbkn-4E4oiP-2hpYbFQ-vDLpm-2df6RZh-2hpXgWf-CC273Z-5hvNXf-2hpYbQC-4zkmeL-5UvQ3U-5362CU-p8MFrY-8eBVun-6kpXZN-6pYvFJ-dyyKBd-2jt8ZVy-23DUXe-6vpXYc-6kkQ26-2jd9bXP
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As many as 10,000 #expats live around #Mexico’s #Lake Chapala in Jalisco state. Some came as medical tourists then settled in. With #covid, they faced a tough choice. Either stay in their new homes or return to their old. The embassies of both the US and Canada urged them to return.

Ex-pats Defy Embassies, Confront Covid In Mexico: the risk

If they got sick, neither Canada nor America might let them back in. Canadians would lose their “free” care. If older, Americans couldn’t use Medicare. If they had it, Americans would lose private insurance. Mexican hospitals could got crowded; there might not be beds for foreigners.

Many expats regard Northern caregivers and hospitals as superior to Mexican. That may or may not be so. One opinion that is true: Canada’s rules and #enforcement of rules is far stricter than Mexico’s. Mexico, in turn, is more strict than the US.

The choice to stay or go might be easier for renters. Owners would have to find a tenant or at least a caretaker. Both would have to find places to live in their original countries.

Ex-pats Defy Embassies, Confront Covid In Mexico: their choice

For thousands of expats, covid-19 was not enough reason to abandon their new homes. Many organized and extended a network of help. They take care of those ex-pats in need.

One factor made it easier to stay. The towns along the lake where they live are small. Small towns often are not hotspots for covid like big cities. In one, Ajijic, sometimes police patrolling the streets blare reminders. They tell residents to stay indoors and wear masks when needing to go out. Helicopters fly over with the same message.

This expat community may be safer than yours up North. There you may need, yet not afford, medical or dental attention. If so, become a medical tourist. Contact DocTours to arrange your appointments and the rest.

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