Dental Tourists to Mexico, First Be Safely Thorough

Dental Tourists to Mexico, First Be Safely Thorough: savings.
Dental Tourists to Mexico, First Be Safely Thorough.

Dental tourism describes the trend of individuals from wealthier nations traveling to developing countries to save on dental services. With a single tooth implant in the US costing a thousand dollars and up, many Americans look abroad for cheaper dental alternatives. The popularity of dental tourism has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Dental Tourists to Mexico, First Be Safely Thorough: savings

Citizens of the US and Canada usually travel to Mexico. The same dental treatments available in the US, medical tourists find in Mexico, too. The most popular treatments are the ones that save big bucks. That includes fillings, extractions, root canals, and implants. Dental tourists also add on whitening and cleaning.

Getting dental work done in Mexico can #save 50% to 80% off what a US dentist charges. In Mexico, the cost of living in general is lower. Mexican dentists do not need to charge a lot to live well.

Even including the costs of airfare, lodging, and meals, and dental tourism to Mexico is still a big savings.

Some procedures, no matter where you are, require more than one appointment. To make all your #appointments, many dental tourists to Mexico tack on a vacation. Others return months later. Either way, they pay less than they would pay a dentist in the US for the same service.

Most US insurers do not cover charges in Mexico. However, some do. Dental tourists are not the only ones to save. Insurance companies do, too.

Dental Tourists to Mexico, First Be Safely Thorough: vetting

Since you might be taking a vacation–or a little antsy first time–it’s fun to bring a long a companion.

Do your #research before you travel. Make sure the Mexican dentist has a good reputation with medical tourists to Mexico.

Perhaps the most important service DocTours performs is #vetting the best dentists on Chapala lakeside. We also offer lodging. To arrange everything, contact DocTours.

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