Dental Tourism to Mexico Grows: New York Newspaper

Dental Tourism to Mexico is affordable and fun.
Dental Tourism to Mexico flows easily when following pointers.

Mogul is an award-winning platform that enables millions of women worldwide per week to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other. Headquartered in NYC, with offices in San Francisco and Paris, the e-newspaper had this to say about medical tourism.

Dental care in Mexico is about 80% cheaper than in the US. For over twenty years, Americans and Canadians have been visiting Mexico for affordable dental work. And they’re happy with the service received.

Dental Tourism to Mexico Flows Easily

Tips to guide you on your first trip to Mexico for dental work:

1. Mexican dentists have Credentials. You’ll be treated by a qualified and certified dentist. Use one who those in the know have vetted.

2. Dentists and staff there speak English, fluently. They treat many gringos. And a goodly number have spent time up north learning and practicing their craft.

3. The Equipment is State-of-the-Art. Many Mexican practices are just a few years old, so they have the newest technology you may not find in dental offices in the North.

4. The care is personal and attentive. Mexican clinics go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your stay. Some shuttle clients between airport and lodging and dental office.

5. Remember your Passport. You won’t need a visa.

6. You can Pay with Cash or Credit-card.

Follow these six pointers while traveling to Mexico for dental tourism and it’ll be smooth sailing.

Dental Tourism to Mexico Now For You

Are you considering taking a trip to Mexico for dental tourism? Would this be your first time of actually traveling abroad? Would you like a total travel assist from a well-respected medical tourism concierge? And do you want to combine it with a vacation?

Join us on the Lake Chapala riviera. The towns are small and not packed with tourists, so totally safe. And our caregivers are world-class. Contact DocTours to arrange for you to heal on holiday.


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