Dental Tourism: Best Way To Beat High US Costs?

Dental Tourism: Best Way To Beat High US Costs? Use Mexico.
Dental Tourism: Best Way To Beat High US Costs? It’s urgent.

Medical and dental tourism is a way North Americans can save big. They can get a new #smile and healthy mouth for a fraction of the #cost in the US. South of the border offers that plus high #quality care.

Dental Tourism: Best Way To Beat High US Costs? it’s urgent

Many Americans and Canadians have major issues with their mouths:
– Missing teeth makes people self-conscious to open their mouths.
– Untreated #tooth decay and #gum disease cause tooth loss.
– Dental pain means not chewing thoroughly. That causes complications. In a worst case scenario, it ends in heart failure. All that from an untreated toothache.

About two in three American adults over 64 years have gum disease. Lacking funds or insurance, one in four adults in the US forgoes treatment of tooth decay.

Oral and dental procedures are some of the most expensive treatments in the United States. In Canada, many such procedures are out-of-pocket expenses.

A permanent solution for missing or severely damaged teeth are dental #implants. Get a custom smile that fits your face. A healthy smile changes how one views themselves in personal and professional relationships.

Dental Tourism: Best Way To Beat High US Costs? in Mexico

Cost is huge a factor behind traveling outside America for treatment. Even after paying for flight, accommodations, etc, clients visiting Mexico can save up to 80% off the same procedure in the United States. Because the cost of living is lower in Mexico, #treatments cost less, too.

How much you #save depends on your individual case. For something like implants, it can be in the thousands. That leaves lots of money to budget for travel and lodging.

Come save and hire professionals with world-class #credentials. Receive personalized care. Plus enjoy the pleasures Mexico offers tourists. Leave happy with a new healthy smile. We make the whole experience easy, from your initial outreach to our airport farewell. Contact DocTours to arrange it all.

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