D.H. Lawrence & A Ballerina Lead Medical Tourists to Mexico

D.H. Lawrence & A Ballerina Lead Medical Tourists to Mexico-author. https://images.app.goo.gl/qqh6DVTkKFxLVSqX7
D.H. Lawrence & A Ballerina Lead Medical Tourists to Mexico

Medical tourists to Mexico’s Lake Chapala follow the footsteps of earlier, famous visitors.

#D.H. Lawrence & A Ballerina Lead Medical Tourists to Mexico: author

D.H. Lawrence wrote the notorious Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Lawrence started his The #Plumed Serpent beside Lake Chapala in Mexico.

His hotel in town #Chapala, at 307 Zaragoza Street, is gorgeous with trees, fountains, grottos, flowers, and cacti. The pool, in serpent motif, has nooks and jacuzzi. His room has a photo of him and his wife plus the telegram Lawrence sent her in 1923: “Chapala Paradise. Take evening train.” She came, but longed for England. So they moved on.

In nearby #Ajijic, Lawrence (and other famous artists) would imbibe at María Isabel’s by the pier. The restaurant was first built around 510. Lawrence would dine in the lovely landscaping of La Nueva Posada also on the shore. They still prepare a superb English fish and chips.

D.H. Lawrence & A Ballerina Lead Medical Tourists to Mexico: La Rusa

Back then the restaurant was “#La Rusa” (“The Russian”) after the horsewoman who rode around dressed in black. A ballerina and actress, she went by several names. Her estate’s street number plaque shows her silhouette on horseback.

In the 1920s, she invested her savings in La Misericordia (“Mercy”) gold mine. Her Mexican partners tried to swindle La Rusa. But the manager had a crush on the beautiful dancer. Further, he’d been one of Pancho Villa’s most dashing officers. He got tough and her partners wisely returned her money.

Today, the mine in Ajijic’s mountains has rotting timbers, deep drops. and bad air. In town at the south end of Calle Flores Mason, the old crushing mill has a long earthen ramp for wagons laden
with ore. The original Rancho del Oro on Calle del Manglar shows a ruined aqueduct.

Visiting sites of local history is one way medical tourists to Mexico spend time while healing. To arrange your appointments, your stay, etc, contact DocTours.


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