Contest Winners Show Mexico’s Safe For Medical Tourists

Contest Winners Show Mexico's Safe For Medical Tourists by MIT.
Contest Winners Show Mexico’s Safe For Medical Tourists and they win young.

Mexican youths win international #contests. The Aztec nation has scientific talent. It’s a safe place for medical tourists.

Contest Winners Show Mexico’s Safe For Medical Tourists in MIT Contest

A Mexican postgrad is on the victorious team in a #hackathon that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology organized. #MIT challenged #students to write a #code with which users can connect during #pandemics.

With five Peruvians, Guillermo de Alva won a category in the Latin America section. Their #platform enables stores to interconnect into “HandyCash”. Consumers deposit funds in one store and spend them in any store in the network. Shoppers and shopkeepers need not touch money. They reduce risk of catching #Covid-19.

Furthermore, with #HandyCash, informal shops can accept customer payment by card. By modernizing, small shops can qualify for banks loans, if desired.

HandyCash validates purchases via account numbers and mobile phone text messages. Winners receive:
– organizational support,
– computing resources, and
access to partners to expand their product.

Contest Winners Show Mexico’s Safe For Medical Tourists in UN Contest

Two Mexicans are among 10 winners of the #Lead2030 Award. The prize–altogether 500,000 pounds sterling–comes from:
– the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle,
– philanthropist Bob Geldof,
– Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, et al.
Plus, several major corporations pitch in.

Mexican winner Javier Larragoiti cofounded Xilinat. They discovered how to convert compost into #xylitol. It’s natural and sweet. Diabetics can safely consume it. This alternative can dethrone the sugar industry.

Fellow winner Edith Soria is president and nutrition program coordinator of Create Purpose. That nonprofit works to prevent non-communicable diseases in #orphans and vulnerable children.

Soria’ program raises nutritional awareness among caregivers at orphanages. Over the last two years, their efforts led to serving quality meals to over 1,000 children.

Lead2030 awards young people who spearhead initiatives that meet the United Nations’s Sustainability Goals for 2030. UN goals range from restoring oceans to ending poverty.

In conclusion, Mexico offers medical tourists quality care. To visit, contact DocTours.

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