CNN Re Medical Tourism: Their Report, too, Totally Upbeat

CNN Re Medical Tourism:  their silly guy on a serious topic
CNN Re Medical Tourism: their Morgan Spurlock reports

CNN Re Medical Tourism reports that more Americans are going abroad to get well. They find care that’s cheaper, better, or more convenient than what they find at home. It’s a growing phenomenon called “medical tourism.” Most noteworthy is that in 2016, 1.4 million Americans left the country to seek care abroad.

CNN Re Medical Tourism: The 5 Advantages

Morgan Spurlock discovered real advantages to medical tourism:

1. First of all is the world-class care — The best destination hospitals reportedly meet or exceed Western standards.

2. Efficient services — Each floor of some hospitals have their own pharmacy and own outpatient clinic, while a centralized blood lab processes samples in an hour. An American told Spurlock: “The most I’ve ever sat waiting here has been 15 minutes. In the US, I’ve sat up to two hours, waiting to get waited on.” And waiting stresses out many of us, more than actually meeting the doctor.

3. Lower costs — According to AARP, a nose job goes for $6,200 here but only $2,800 in Mexico. If your insurance covers most of a procedure, you may or may not see savings. But if you’re underinsured or have a high deductible, care abroad will likely save you money. And that’s so even once you add on airfare and lodging.

4. Skip the bureaucracy — Medical tourism means never having to say “co-pay.” Or deductible, “reasonable and customary,” or in-network vs. out-of-network. Forget the confusing terms that make the American private insurance system so confounding. Paying the bill is about as simple as checking out of a hotel.

5. Finally, the joys of travel — Why not spend your free time before and between procedures having fun? Visit exotic locales and get to know a foreign culture. Squeeze in a visit to a popular waterfall, a stroll through a street market, and some down time sipping a fresh young coconut on the riviera.

CNN Re Medical Tourism: Mexico Included

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