CNN & Fox Cover Medical Tourism to Mexico

CNN & Fox Cover Medical Tourism to Mexico
CNN & Fox Cover Medical Tourism to Mexico or miss out.

Big media keep covering a growing trend. Thousands of Americans cross the Mexican border. These tourists go for medical treatment. Some of the best doctors and dentists provide it. Recently CNN and Fox informed its readers.

CNN & Fox Cover Medical Tourism to Mexico For Saving

Think of a tourist and likely you think of someone traveling somewhere to sight-see and try the cuisine. Now you find a different kind of visitor to Mexico. People call it medical tourism.

Down south, gringos save 70% and more of what they’d have to pay in The States. On average, one dental implant in America costs $3,000. In Mexico, it can be as low as $600. That’s in the ballpark with a co-pay in the US.

About 1 million Americans are medical tourists in Mexico annually. They go for all kinds of medical treatment. The three most popular are dental work, weight loss, and cosmetic surgery. In 2016, medical tourism brought in $4.6 billion to the Mexican economy.

CNN & Fox Cover Medical Tourism to Mexico, a Wave

Big media say there are great medical professionals across the border. However, they remind medical tourists to be careful. Of course–sound advice. And it’s just as true in the US of A. You can find great providers and not-so-great everywhere.

My cousin’s American surgeons damaged him. And did not compensate him. He had to come to Mexico to regain use of his hands. Also, the cost was just a couple hundred.

Medical tourism in Mexico is booming. But before joining the tide, many gringos don’t know what to expect. So they must do their homework.
– Check your professional’s board certification;
– Get a reference;
– Find out where they’ll perform the procedure;
– Ask about follow-up care.

We have vetted the best in Ajijic, the biggest gringo expat community. We provide transportation and put up clients. Nearby on Lake Chapala are hot springs and a spa. Contact DocTours to arrange all.

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  1. Yes, the cost of implant with DocTours is approximately equivalent to a co-pay in the US, but only if you have dental insurance and most people don’t!

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