Canadian Tourists to Mexico, Medical or Not, Increase

Canadian Tourists to Mexico come by sea an air.
Canadian Tourists to Mexico slip around the US.

Canadian #Healthcare Joke: Everyone should have a spouse. Why? Because there are a number of things that could go wrong. Some of them one might not be able to blame on the National Health Service.

Canadian Tourists to Mexico Skip Over the US

Tourism officials estimate that the number of Canadians visiting #Mexico is rapidly rising. Some Canucks come for the sun and fun. Others come for the sun, fun, and #medical treatment.

Here is the story in numbers:
* 1.92 million Canadian tourists visited Mexico last year. That’s a 10% increase over 2016.
* The numbers have been trending upward since 2014. But it was only single-digit growth until 2017.
* By the end of 2018, year-on-year growth is expected to be 11.8%. That totals 2.1 million Canadian visitors.
* Nearly 40% of them — 726,000 — were from Toronto. Torontans are likely to surpass 803,000 this year.

Several factors drive this growth:
* The exchange rate favors Mexico over vacationing in a place like Florida.
* Further, the current US political rhetoric discourages foreign visitors. That’s not very polite of politicians.

Canadian Tourists to Mexico Cruise By the US

Officials have yet to count how many Canadians are coming on board a cruise ship. However, over 3,000 arrivals from #Canada are expected this year. Compared with 2017 figures, that’s an increase of as much as 15%.

Princess Cruises allocated six ships for the Mexican Caribbean last year. This year for the first time, they assigned one of them permanently to that route.

Another bit of good news from Princess Cruises. Passengers from Europe, South America, and Japan increasingly seek out Mexico. On both its coasts, the nation has 17 destination ports.

Also, Princess Cruises expects Mexicans themselves to take a cruise. Fares are the lowest they’ve been in the firm’s history. Even lower incomes may take a vacation aboard.

Puerto Vallarta is closest port to Lake Chapala. Lakeside is where Canadians and Americans live or visit as #medical tourists. Want a competent, affordable doctor or dentist? Contact DocTours to arrange it all.

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