Can Medical Tourists to Mexico Live 500% Longer?

Can Medical Tourists to Mexico Live 500% Longer? There is a breakthrough.
Can Medical Tourists to Mexico Live 500% Longer? Maybe soon.

#Anti-aging is one of the treatments medical tourists go to Mexico for. People appreciate the #life extensions available today. Yet in coming years, human #lifespan can increase to 400 or 500 years. So say cutting-edge researchers.

Can Medical Tourists to Mexico Live 500% Longer? Worms do

Humans and a tiny garden worm share certain genes. #C. elegans is transparent, about 1 mm long, and lives in temperate soil. It and people have certain pathways that persevered throughout evolution.

Not only do people and C. elegans share #pathways that govern aging. But also the worm has a short lifespan–three to four weeks. So scientists can quickly assess how their interventions extend life.

Researchers mutate two of the worm’s genes. One is for insulin signaling (IIS). The other gene grows the pathways that are a Target Of Rapamycin (TOR). (Rapamycin is a protein.)

Altering the TOR pathway increases #longevity 30%. Altering the IIS pathway increases lifespan 100%. While the expected increase is 130%, the actual increase was 500%. Why this #synergy? Nobody knows.

Can Medical Tourists to Mexico Live 500% Longer? With Synergy

The extended longevity demonstrates that nothing in nature operates alone. Some links are obvious–milk feeds growth. Others are obscure, mysterious.

In a cell, organelles called mitochondria regulate homeostasis. (Homeostasis is burning fuel to maintain body temperature.) When mitochondria fail to regulate accurately, the body ages.

So far, scientists have not figured out how some people live so long. And enjoy life disease-free until shortly before death. Earlier, investigators sought one gene, not a synergistic network.

Now, rather than study individual pathways, scientists research longevity networks. Instead of affecting one pathway, researchers contemplate combining therapies. Each addresses a different pathway.

Nevertheless, scientists did discover the cellular mechanisms of aging. That opens the door for more powerful anti-aging drugs. Such progress could benefit the many aging Baby Boomers.

Meanwhile you can slow your aging. Become a medical tourist to Mexico. To arrange everything, contact Doctors.

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