Butterflies’ Mexican Home Safeguarded as Cops Halt Poachers

Butterflies Mexican Home Safer without loggers.
Butterflies Mexican Home Safer now without tree poachers.

As a medical tourist, you get well while taking a vacation. One of the fun things you can do in Mexico is see a tree covered with butterflies. You can do that in certain forests during certain times of the year. And lately you can see more migrating monarchs. Because the government has pretty much stamped out illegal logging in monarch habitats.

Butterflies’ Mexican Home Safe From Loggers

The environmental police division of the National Gendarmerie has reduced illegal logging in the winter habitat of the monarch butterfly by 94%! Those butterflies fly all the way there from America and Canada.

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve covers 56,259 hectares. About 13,552 of them are the butterflies’ favorite wintering forests. Between 2016 May and 2017 February, 15.8 hectares within the core zone sustained damage:
* wind blew down trees on 13.8 hectares,
* drought withered trees on 1.35 hectares, but
* poachers logged trees on only 0.65 hectares.

Mot noteworthy, the environmental police, which started last year, has eradicated almost all illegal logging in Mexico’s 16 national protected areas. That includes the one dedicated to the monarch butterfly.

Butterflies’ Mexican Home Safe Thanks to Green Police

CONANP (Natural Protected Areas Commission) and the environmental police implemented a program they call Environmental Mission.

These “green” police are a division in the National Gendarmerie which is part of the Federal Police. They now have 1,000 officers. Many of them patrol the forest areas where monarchs spend their winters.

During this first year of collaboration, the Federal Police and CONANP made 78 arrests. They also confiscated close to 4,000 cubic meters of illegal timber.

The environmental police force now patrol more than 60 natural protected areas.

By protecting its nature, Mexico takes a big step forward. It reinforces the effort to clean up the environment. That prevents disease while medical tourism cures disease. To arrange your visit to the biggest expat community of gringos, contact DocTours.


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