BitCoin for Medical Tourists to Mexico and Going Global

BitCoin for Medical Tourists to Mexico is gaining popularity.
BitCoin for Medical Tourists to Mexico is on the upswing.

#BitCoin for #Medical Tourists to #Mexico, Rich and Poor

The best known #crypto currency is Bitcoin. Such monies let consumers make payments through a decentralized currency. Unlike conventional currency, banks and governments cannot (yet, if ever) manipulate the transactions in a crypto currency or the quantity itself.

As a result, an increasing number of #healthcare institutions are accepting crypto currencies. Also are #medical concierges. Why? Because patients like the #privacy and #security.

Of course, the global super-rich (net worth = $500 million or more) crave privacy and security. But medical tourists of all net worths prefer to pay securely for private matters. Most noteworthy, crypto currencies and blockchain technology provide both.

BitCoin for Medical Tourists to Mexico Finds Acceptance

Medical tourism is a $100 billion global industry. Due to it serving 11 million medical tourists annually. The yearly growth is around 25% worldwide.

The drivers include:
* Aging population,
* Increase in degenerative diseases,
* Lack of access to quality healthcare services,
* Rising healthcare costs,
* Long wait times, and
* Ease of travel.

Presently, thousands of merchants already accept Bitcoin. Being borderless, crypto currency facilitates payments for tourism. Therefore, travelers have been using Bitcoin to pay for flights, accommodations, and car rentals.

Especially relevant, providers of treatments and medical services are also accepting payments in Bitcoin. In addition, a rising number of providers throughout the world accept the digital currency from medical tourists. Consequently many medical tourists are using the blockchain technology for:
* check-ups,
* organ transplants,
* cancer treatments,
* and orthopedic, dental, and cosmetic procedures.

Would you like to use BitCoin or another crypto currency to heal on holiday? Let us know. DocTours is a concierge that arranges all you need. We vet the doctors and dentists. And arrange the appointments. Plus provide local transportation, lodging and meals. And help with fun vacation activities. In conclusion, contact DocTours to set it all up.

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