Ancient Mexican Beer Recreated and Boosts Health

Ancient Mexican Beer came from Mazahua.
Ancient Mexican Beer came from an ancient Mexican nation who still make art.

Our goal is to help you heal. Hence we do not recommend alcohol. However, nor do we prohibit it. Some natural chemicals in some beverages are beneficial, like those in an ancient Mexican beer. To imbibe or not is a personal choice.

Ancient Mexican Beer — Sedenchó

During pre-Hispanic times, the Otomí and Mazahua peoples of the State of México drank a spirit they called sedenchó. Taking a swig was part of their political and religious ceremonies. They made the beverage from malted red and blue corn. It is characterized by a low alcohol volume. Now we know the brew has antioxidant properties.

After taking a look at sedenchó, researchers at Mexico City’s Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) recreated the pre-Hispanic beverage. The team of professors and students at the university’s Wine Studies and Fermented Foods Laboratory worked on the project since 2011. A toast to them!

The researchers discovered that the traditional methods of making sedenchó are similar to those for making modern beer.

Ancient Mexican Beer Recreated

Presently, craft brewers in Mexico add red and blue corn varieties as an ingredient, but do not malt the corn. What the UAM team did was bypass the use of the more expensive barley and brew the new beer with the malted corn as the main ingredient. The researchers also used guajillo chiles — a variety of chile pepper of the species Capsicum annuum — during the brewing process.

The trial-and-error brewing process took the team from using desiccated malted corn grains — which gave the resulting drink unpleasant strong notes — to using toasted malted grains, which gave their product a pleasant sensory profile.

Pigments present in both red and blue corn contain phenolic compounds known as anthocyanins, which give the beer its antioxidant properties. That’s great for anti-aging. Cheers!

Ancient Mexican Beer May Become Available

Come heal on holiday with us at DocTours. By then, if you’re curious and thirsty, this new old beer should be available to enjoy with your fine dining.


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