Ajijic Mexico Attracts Expats and Medical Tourists

Ajijic Mexico Attracts Expats and Medical Tourists, like this couple
Ajijic Mexico Attracts Expats and Medical Tourists for nature and society.

Medical tourists head to Mexico to save big on quality care. One favorite destination for visitors and expats is Ajijic. It rests on Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake. The surrounding Sierra Madre mountains complete the postcard-perfect view. The setting and temperate climate have long attracted newcomers.

Ajijic Mexico Attracts Expats and Medical Tourists: one couple

There, Gary Henderson suits up for a six-mile bike ride. “He’s the only person who can take five hours for a six-mile bike ride,” laughs his wife Gabrielle. Gary agrees, “I have to stop and talk to everyone.”

The couple came for two weeks at a time for three years. They grew familiar with the area and way of life. Hence, it was an easy decision to move full-time.

And it was easy to fall into a groove. There’s so much to do. They found golf, feeding the kids at the orphanage, walking the dog, dancing three or four nights a week. There are a lot playhouses.

Retiree are older than in other popular expat havens. In Ajijic gringos live longer. Because they’re walking, taking exercise classes, swimming, eating quality food.

Ajijic Mexico Attracts Expats and Medical Tourists: the place

Once a tiny fishing village, Ajijic is now an artist colony. Its shops on the cobblestone streets are painted vibrant shades of violet, burgundy, and yellow.

In the temperate climate one doesn’t need air conditioning. Food is a third of what it is in the US. At quality restaurants dining on steak or fish runs $20 for two.

Gas is pricy at $4 a gallon. But some don’t bother getting car insurance. Bodywork can be as low as $50.

Ajijic is a holiday spot for Mexicans from Guadalajara, the big city about 45 minutes away. If it’s your destination, too, have an open mind. Respect the ways of those already there. Enjoy the laidback style of life.

If visiting as a medical tourist, first contact DocTours to arrange everything.

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