A Boss Pays You To Be A Medical Tourist To Mexico?

A Boss Pays You To Be A Medical Tourist To Mexico? Why not? https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-a-person-pointing-on-something-684387/
A Boss Pays You To Be A Medical Tourist To Mexico? Yep.

More than 1.4 million Americans chose medical tourism in 2017. At the industry’s growth rate, almost 3 million will leave the US to see a doctor this year.

Some can’t afford, say, a knee replacement in the US,
almost $50,000. That’d put them in debt. They can’t get it done, and chronic pain wrecks quality of life. How do they work eight hours a day? They have to pay a mortgage. Some resort to opioids.

A Boss Pays You To Be A Medical Tourist To Mexico? covers all

Some luckies don’t get addicted. They work for a #company that foots the bill. Those companies don’t use an #insurer, saving millions every year. Enough they can send #employees out of the country. They cover the whole trip:
– airfare,
– hotel,
– food,
– surgery.
They even pay for a companion. Some give the patient 20% of the savings. Without paying for it, these workers get healthcare, a trip all expenses paid, plus a bonus!

Workers go to hospitals the Joint Commission International accredits. These hospitals meet the same standards, like clean rooms. The #JCI makes several inspections annually.

The doctors use the same implants used in The States, FDA approved, the medications, too.

A Boss Pays You To Be A Medical Tourist To Mexico? use it

The #surgical outcomes are on par with the US. Satisfied patients return home and share their experience. Companies get healthier, happier employees.

If nobody’s covering your expenses, want to become a medical tourist? In your southern neighbor, enjoy skilled surgeons, high quality practitioners, health care workers, the best technology, and #state of the art facilities.

We plan it out. We vetted the #best doctors in the biggest gringo expat community. They make sure you’re in condition for treatment. From the time you get off the plane, we’re your #concierge. We pick you up, take you to and from your appointments, introduce you to your doctor for consultation, and provide lodging. We cover the bases. Contact DocTours to arrange everything.

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