Nature in Mexico Gains Allies from People & Politicians

Nature in Mexico is the home of the migrating monarch.
Nature in Mexico, the monarch’s winter destination

Nature in Mexico: President Preserves

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that his government was creating four new nature reserves. Mexico’s top official spoke at the UN’s Biodiversity Conference in Cancún during December last year. Let’s hope deed matches word. Continue reading “Nature in Mexico Gains Allies from People & Politicians”

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Dovetail Your Cosmetic Surgery With White Pelicans

I’ve lived in coastal areas of Florida and California, yet I had no idea white pelicans even existed before venturing to Lake Chapala, Mexico. The American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) is a hefty bird weighing as much as 16 lbs., and consequently has a wingspan as much as nine feet. It is easily recognized with it’s large white body, orange bill and black tipped primary wing feathers. It breeds in interior North America. In addition, it moves south and towards the coasts in winter. As a result, it can journey as far as Central and South America. Continue reading “Dovetail Your Cosmetic Surgery With White Pelicans”

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New Car & Truck Technology From Mexico

Car & Truck vehicles can use New Mexican technology.
Car & Truck efficiency gets advanced by Mexicans.

New Car & Truck Fuel Ionizer

Three new car & truck products were announced this month. The device increases the efficiency of combustion. The app and battery help consumers save, too. Continue reading “New Car & Truck Technology From Mexico”

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Mexican Students Invent Eco-Substitute for Plastic

Mexican students invent pseudo plastic
Mexican students invent materials people everywhere can use

Americans are more inventive than most others, sure. But First Worlders do not have a monopoly. Indeed, great ideas come from many nations, like Mexico. Continue reading “Mexican Students Invent Eco-Substitute for Plastic”

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The Leading Review on Mexico’s Rising Dental Tourism

The Leading Review informs you about dental work in Mexico
The Leading Review focuses on Mexican Dentistry

Tourism-Review writes that costs continue to rise for dental care in the developed world. So people there have a choice. Forego essential dental treatment or turn to the more affordable dental tourism. Continue reading “The Leading Review on Mexico’s Rising Dental Tourism”

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#4 in Quality-of-Life by Global Expats? Mexico

#4 in Quality-of-Life leads to dancing on the male cons.
#4 in Quality-of-Life is why expats kick up their heels.

The annual Expat Insider survey by InterNations, a network and guide for expatriates, found that 91% of expats in Mexico are generally satisfied with life.

#4 in Quality-of-Life; Who’s #1?

The United States placed 26th and Canada 12th. Continue reading “#4 in Quality-of-Life by Global Expats? Mexico”

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MLK Healing Days, a Real Holiday

MLK Healing Days are holidays for wellness.
MLK Healing Days are real holidays.

Martin Luther King (born January 15) said, “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

An ideal way to take care of your health is to come to Lake Chapala. Come get excellent, affordable health care. And enjoy a vacation at the same time. Continue reading “MLK Healing Days, a Real Holiday”

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Animal Lives Made Lighter in Mexico

Animal lives are less precarious yet cats stay wary
Animal lives, even with 9, leave some kitties wary.

Animal Lives Matter to Mexicans

I was in for a pleasant surprise when I returned to Mexico after a ten year hiatus. In the towns I visited, the dogs running in the street did not have their ribs protruding from scrawny chests. And in some neighborhoods, a cat would actually approach a strange pedestrian to be petted, just as in a peaceful neighborhood in the States. Continue reading “Animal Lives Made Lighter in Mexico”

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Expat Colonies: Ajijic vs San Miguel de Allende

Expat Colonies are in the loveliest places.
Expat Colonies offer comfort and exotica.

The two biggest American and Canadian #expat communities are in Mexico: San Miguel de Allende and #Ajijic. Compare their advantages. Continue reading “Expat Colonies: Ajijic vs San Miguel de Allende”

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Medical Advances from Mexico Inspire Us

Medical advance surprises one not familiar with sea animals or Mexico
Medical advance in the battle against Alzheimer’s comes from surprising sources.

Sure, Mexico and other tropical countries are less developed. They work to catch up to America and the rest of technologically advanced world. Recent developments in medical research are very encouraging. Continue reading “Medical Advances from Mexico Inspire Us”

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