New York Times New Year Trends

Celebrating the New Year and new vistas for medical tourists
New Year celebrates trends bending to healing on holiday.

New Year: More Americans Visit Mexico for Medical Care

People spend hundreds of billions of dollars on medical tourism every year. And experts predict the industry will grow by up to 25% a year over the next 10 years.

Medical tourism is increasing because of: Continue reading “New York Times New Year Trends”

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Plastic Surgeons Know Your Age and Younger Women Hire Them

Plastic surgeons amaze with their skills at knowing ages and reducing them.
Plastic surgeons guess good and beat the creams.

Plastic Surgeons Know Exactly How Old You Are—Really?

Can plastic surgeons guess your exact age from a photo? Many of us assume that plastic surgeons might, at their best, be able to guess ages within two to four years. But read on. Continue reading “Plastic Surgeons Know Your Age and Younger Women Hire Them”

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‘Tis the Season: Medical Crowdfunding

Medical Crowdfunding is a chance for the needy and the greedy.
Medical Crowdfunding works especially well this time of year.

Medical Crowdfunding: Raising Money

In countries with limited or nonexistent tax-funded healthcare, crowdfunding websites for medical aid are flourishing. Especially during the time of year when people feel generous to others. Now is an opportunity for both the needy and the greedy. Continue reading “‘Tis the Season: Medical Crowdfunding”

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An Ajijic Christmas — a Gift to World Travelers

Ready for shoppers before an Ajijic Christmas
An Ajijic Christmas shop awaiting visitors

A gift to yourself and your traveling companions for the holidays or anytime is this little corner of paradise tucked away in central Mexico. As its popularity grows, so does its publicity. Three more web-zines recently covered Ajijic. Because it does inspire one to sing its praises. Continue reading “An Ajijic Christmas — a Gift to World Travelers”

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Solstice Review of Healing on Holiday

Solstice review of healing on holiday the last 12 months
Solstice review of a year of medical tourism

Merry Solstice! It’s the shortest day and longest night of the year (in the top half of the global map), and the onset of winter. Staying indoors, people have the time to sit around the fire and reflect on the year that went before. We saw our industry grow, and more Canadians, rather than wait too long, became medical tourists, too. Continue reading “Solstice Review of Healing on Holiday”

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Kiplinger Advises: Travel Abroad for Low-Cost Care

Kiplinger advises one that foreign doctors work.
Kiplinger advises its many clients on care abroad.

Kiplinger Advises: Heal on Holiday

You could save money on cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, and other treatments. How? Travel to another country.

Dental and cosmetic surgeries have always been available in Latin America. Now reliable medical treatment for complex conditions is widely available. Continue reading “Kiplinger Advises: Travel Abroad for Low-Cost Care”

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Busy US Clinics Partner With Mexican Ones

Busy US clinic has partners south of the border.
Busy US clinic partners with Mexican colleagues.

Busy US Clinics in US Send Americans to Mexico

Two dental clinics in Chicago are the first ones to join a pilot program with Beyond Borders Dental to serve their patients who cannot afford dental treatment in the US.

US dental clinics often have a backlog of patients needing extensive care. Further, many wannabe patients cannot afford treatment. So a growing number cross the border to receive affordable dental care. In Mexico, dental tourists save up to 80%. Continue reading “Busy US Clinics Partner With Mexican Ones”

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A Tummy Tuck versus the Fatus Quo

When exercise and diet won’t delete the excess, a tummy tuck will.

Tummy Tuck Stirs Emotions

Taking a tummy-tuck stirs up emotions. One could feel guiltily vain or merrily self-confident. If looking good makes one feel good, then that’s good for one’s health. Continue reading “A Tummy Tuck versus the Fatus Quo”

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The Environment of Chapala Improves

Hyacinth dominates the environment of Chapala lakeside
The environment of Chapala lakeside clogged with hyacinth

New Effort on Smog Aids the Environment of Chapala

Guadalajara, like most cities of four-plus million people and vehicles, has smog. Hence the government of the State of Jalisco presented Mexico’s second biggest metropolitan area with a new plan to clean the air. The plan includes redesigned emissions checking and switching to hybrid and electric vehicles. Continue reading “The Environment of Chapala Improves”

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Hot Springs to Indulge Yourself In

Hot springs mean fun relaxation at spas.
Spas are fun wherever there’s a hot spring.

Hot springs dot the shores of Lake Chapala in Jalisco Mexico. They are fun #things to do. Our local hot springs emit no odor of sulfur (rotten eggs)–only
clean steam. Continue reading “Hot Springs to Indulge Yourself In”

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