Techno-Progress: Improving How We Live

Corrected eggs from techno-progress
The human egg loses flaws, thanks to techno-press

Thanks to new tools, you can do unheard of things that you could not do before — work anywhere, or borrow DNA to avoid your baby having birth defects.

Techno-Progress Enables Next-Pats

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The Mexican Origins of Varied Tourisms

Mexican origin and destination of ecotours
Ecotourists may know its Mexican origin

Several popular types of tourism have Mexican origins. Medical tourism began as “tooth tourism”, with many American patients hopping across their southern border. There, Mexican dentists charge far less. Plus, the first destinations for wellness travelers and eco-tourists were in Mexico. Continue reading “The Mexican Origins of Varied Tourisms”

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Black Friday Deals for Medical Tourism

Black Friday deals are out there for those ready to go.
Black Friday Deals found by vacationers

Black Friday to most people means shopping at great prices. Retailers make enough in one day to stay in business a whole year. Vacationers can find great deals on airfare and lodging. They can plan to heal on holiday and practice a little medical or dental tourism. This upbeat definition of “Black Friday” is a quite a twist on the older definition of the phrase. Continue reading “Black Friday Deals for Medical Tourism”

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Thanks for Affordable Care — Abroad

Thanks for affordable care and holidays abroad
Thanks for affordable care and feasts

November 23rd. Tomorrow. Thursday. Thanksgiving. “Thankindians”.

Turkey Day. While glorifying in gluttony or not, one can give thanks for the fact that reality offers ways out of our problems. Can’t afford an American doctor or dentist? You can turn to medical or dental tourism. Continue reading “Thanks for Affordable Care — Abroad”

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Dental Advances and Latest Information

Dental advances bring easy smiles.
Dental advances bring easy smiles.

Dental Advances: Whiten Your Teeth — Safely

Wish your teeth were still as white as they used to be? They can be. You can use:
• toothpastes
• over-the-counter products
• professional products
• treatments provided by your dentist
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First the Upside, Now for the Downside

One downside may be more insects
A downside: tropical bug, but not often sighted

Our last post touted the features of Lake Chapala that attract — and keep — so many Americans and Canadians. This post balances the scales and tackles the irritants. Is there anywhere on Earth that doesn’t have both an up and downside? (Who likes to see shoppers in sweats?) Continue reading “First the Upside, Now for the Downside”

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PBS NewsHour on Lake Chapala, Medical Tourist Destination

PBX NewsHour reports how expats love life in Chapala
PBS NewsHour reports on retiring in Ajijic

Americans cross the border not only for #affordable medical or dental tourism but also to retire. The #Lake Chapala riviera is home to the largest community of North American #expats in the world.

Rosemary Grayson, who made headlines 50 years ago as the first #Playboy centerfold from Great Britain. Later Grayson went on to be a journalist. She said Lakeside Care put her together again. Continue reading “PBS NewsHour on Lake Chapala, Medical Tourist Destination”

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Sci-Fi Ideas Become Medical Innovations

Medical innovations are coming fast and furious
Robotic surgeon, a powerful medical innovation

Medical Innovations Birthday

Many medical innovations first starred in sci-fi. In the 1964 movie Goldfinger, a “laser” beam was seconds away from slicing James Bond in half. In 1967 on this day, November 14, it won a patent. Continue reading “Sci-Fi Ideas Become Medical Innovations”

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A web search can be daunting when you’re looking for a Medical or Dental Tourism agency. Hence, an agency that can guide you down this path to affordable international health and dental care is critical.

Therefore, one aspect for you to consider when choosing your Plastic Surgeon, is Accreditation. Continue reading “THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCREDITATION”

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On Armistice Day, Visit for Peace, too

The 1st Armistice Day: guys facing war welcome its end.
Soldiers celebrate Armistice Day, ending World War I

Happy Armistice Day (aka Veterans Day)! On this day, nearly a century ago, the main European nations gave up trying to defeat each other with their armies. They took a break, rested up, and got ready for the second half of their contest — World War II. Today, we all can foster peace with our travel — medical, dental, or a fun vacation. Continue reading “On Armistice Day, Visit for Peace, too”

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