7 Questions About Medical Tourism to Mexico

7 Questions Wannabe Medical Tourists Want to Know.
7 Questions to ask before becoming a medical tourist.

Trying to decide whether to travel abroad for treatment? Need to know how to ensure quality? We answer 7 common questions.

7 Questions: Can Tourism Truly be Medical?

The tourism half does not diminish the medical half of the phrase. The phrase means going abroad for medical treatment, usually to save money. Plus, a vacation setting lets one recover in comfort.

7 Questions: The Industry is Still Finding Its Way

The tourism aspect may seem new. But people have been traveling to different countries for treatment for centuries. The modern version is decades old and growing rapidly. Worldwide, a third of all patients in 2009 were vacationers. Around one million Americans travel abroad for treatment every year.

7 Questions: Doctors’ Competence Abroad

Wherever the doctor is, it’s the same organization that accredits them. Their standards are stringent. And many doctors from wherever study, train, and practice in more than one country.

7 Questions: Overseas Infrastructure Quality

Actually, many facilities and equipment in Mexico are newer than in the richer nations where patients come from. Being newer, their equipment is state-of-the-art. Caregivers compete to have the best reputation among expats and tourists.

7 Questions: Vacations Abroad Cost More Than Treatment At Home

Actually, the reverse is true. A vacation plus treatment abroad costs less than domestic treatment. And usually it’s not even close. The more expensive the procedure, the more you save. Maybe half, maybe 90%.

7 Questions: Get What You Pay For

That’s true. And you don’t have to pay for your doctor’s lawyer, because s/he does not have one. Mexico is a far less litigious society.

7 Questions: Medical Tourism is For Cosmetic Surgery

While an enhanced appearance is popular, so are other procedures:
* dentistry,
* anti-aging, and
* critical surgeries.

These 7 are one’s main concerns. Now that you know the answers, ready to heal on holiday? Contact DocTours to arrange it all.


Blockchain Helps Medical Tourists to Mexico with Records

Blockchain helps medical tourists and everyone.
Blockchain helps medical tourists save and convey info.

Many patients nowadays travel across borders to save on medical procedures. Those clients who hire DocTours share medical information with their selected doctor or dentist. Clients fill out forms kept secure in DropBox. There, their caregiver reads the needed information. Soon, medical tourists will have another option–blockchain. Continue reading “Blockchain Helps Medical Tourists to Mexico with Records”


Coffee Fields & Ancient Ruins Draw Medical Tourists & Expats to Mexico

Coffee Fields & Ancient Ruins are two attractions
Coffee Fields & Ancient Ruins await expats and medical tourists.

Are you thinking about residing, or getting medical treatment, outside America or Canada? As a medical tourist, check out Mexico. And if you drink java … Continue reading “Coffee Fields & Ancient Ruins Draw Medical Tourists & Expats to Mexico”


Ingredients for Medical Tourism Success in Mexico

Ingredients for Medical Tourism Success pay off big.
Ingredients for Medical Tourism Success make Mexico the #1 destination in the Americas.

Ingredients for Medical Tourism Success in El Sure

Enrique de la Madrid Cordero is head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur, for its acronym in Spanish). He spoke at the installation of the Medical Tourism Advisory Council. He said Mexico has everything: Continue reading “Ingredients for Medical Tourism Success in Mexico”


Holistic Dentistry in Mexico: a Gain to Bring Home

Holistic Dentistry in Mexico caps off treatment on Lake Chapala.
Holistic Dentistry in Mexico has once meant perfect teeth.

Once you fix your teeth affordably, then you can switch to holistic dentistry in Mexico. Continue reading “Holistic Dentistry in Mexico: a Gain to Bring Home”


More Mexican Attractions: 4 for Medical Tourists

More Mexican Attractions to see while healing on holiday.
More Mexican Attractions by Lake Chapala for medical travelers.

More Mexican Attractions: Prospective — Inn Igloo Kokolo

A prize-winning ecology center is made of Superadobe. It offers guests environmentally safe soap and shampoo. Natural materials filter gray water. Also, dry toilets produce odorless compost. Furthermore, off the grid saves energy: Continue reading “More Mexican Attractions: 4 for Medical Tourists”


5 Considerations For Medical-Tourists-To-Be

5 Considerations for Medical Tourists to make sound decisions.
5 Considerations for Medical Tourists on their way to Mexico.

Medical tourism – the practice of travelling to another country for medical treatment – is a growing global industry. Are you considering it? Here are five points to catch you up to speed. Continue reading “5 Considerations For Medical-Tourists-To-Be”


Google Grants 3 Mexicans Funds to Pursue Ideas

Google Grants 3 Mexican programmers aid to realize projects.
Google Grants 3 Mexicans funds for creative ideas.

Google gave its 2017 Research Awards for Latin America in São Paulo Brazil this past week. From hundreds of nominations, Google selected 27 projects. Three winners were Mexicans. Continue reading “Google Grants 3 Mexicans Funds to Pursue Ideas”


Retiring in Mexico on Lake Chapala’s Riviera

Retiring in Mexico works for some.
Retiring in Mexico suits over a million Americans.

Retiring in Mexico Makes Sense

Gringos have several reasons to retire overseas:
* escape cold winter climates,
* afford a lifestyle impossible on a retirement income in the States,
* heal in a more welcoming climate,
* love to travel and want to experience novelty and adventure, and Continue reading “Retiring in Mexico on Lake Chapala’s Riviera”


Considering Medical Tourism? These Facts are For You

Considering Medical Tourism to Mexico? A wise move.
Considering Medical Tourism to Mexico? Then consider this …

A growing number of individuals seek healthcare abroad. They guarantee that the growth of medical tourism remains robust.

Considering Medical Tourism? What Others Seek

Most of all, these people cross borders mainly because certain countries offer medical treatment at a much lower cost. That’s compared with the United States. These affordable treatments include: Continue reading “Considering Medical Tourism? These Facts are For You”