Mexican Students Win at Contests Around the World

Mexican Students Win worldwide.
Mexican Students Win big after prepping themselves well.

Mexico has its share of clever kids, just like its developed northern neighbors. Probably every big population has similar portions of intelligent members. Recently, Mexican students reached these heights.

Mexican Students Win at Math in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The Aloha International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition attracted 900 children. They came from over 30 countries, including America, Canada, Spain, Britain, Germany, China, and India. Three of the five Mexican students returned home with a grand champion title.

Mexican Students Win For Clean Water in US Capital

The FIRST Global Challenge, a new robotics competition, had its premier in Washington DC. More than 160 teams competed to solve:
* drinking water storage,
* filtering contaminated water, and
* procuring new water sources.
The Mexicans–seven students aged 15 to 18–won a bronze medal for best engineering design. Also they scored more points in a single game than any other team. Mexico will host next year’s challenge.

Mexican Student Win Trip to Swiss Youth Summit

Eric Daniel Ortega Flores is in Switzerland to discuss ideas to change the world. A Swiss non-governmental organization headquartered in Zürich, Global Changemakers, invited him. They chose 60 students from around the world to attend the Global Youth Summit 2017.

The summit is the organization’s flagship event. During the week, 60 new Changemakers–aged between 18 and 23–collaborate. The topics that their different workgroups focus on are:
* climate change,
* refugees,
* hunger,
* poverty,
* education,
* corruption, and
* empowerment of women.
Participants will come away with having learned skill-building and networking. Global Changemakers will select thirty projects to finance and launche.

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Cutting-edge Cure Via Medical Tourism–Your Right?

Cutting-edge Cure Via Medical Tourism  works for some.
Cutting-edge Cure Via Medical Tourism may be controversial but normal for pro athletes.

Are you seeking a novel cure? You may have to become a medical tourist. Because different governments approve of different treatments at different times. While waiting for your government to permit citizens to use something new, you might travel. Continue reading “Cutting-edge Cure Via Medical Tourism–Your Right?”


Bottom-Line Beats Bias Toward Mexico

Bottom-Line Beats Bias eventually.
Bottom-Line Beats Bias because it just makes sense.

Businesses in America and Mexico, even in the Trump era, keep partnering up. Tourism, medical tourism, and more all grow. Continue reading “Bottom-Line Beats Bias Toward Mexico”


Dental Care in Mexico–How are the Dentists There?

Dental Work in Mexico
Visit a Mexican dentis–a new way to have fun?

Dental Care in Mexico–the Cost

Dental care in Mexico is quite satisfactory — expect for the price. The price is not cheap — for many Mexicans, whose income is nothing to boast about. But for medical tourists from the lands of developed economies, the price is a marvelous deal. Continue reading “Dental Care in Mexico–How are the Dentists There?”


Best City for Medical Tourists? Find It In Mexico

Best City for Medical Tourist  is best for expats, too
Best City for Medical Tourist is found in Mexico.

What’s the number one city in the world? It’s San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato in central Mexico. That’s according to the readers of Travel and Leisure magazine. (Presumably, the readers have visited their favorite cities.) 2017 is the first time in the World’s Best Awards’ 22-year history that de Allende has won. Continue reading “Best City for Medical Tourists? Find It In Mexico”


Campus Party–Fun For Medical Tourists In Mexico

Campus Party--Fun For Medical Tourist visiting Mexico
Campus Party–Fun For Medical Tourists of all ages.

Are you considering coming on down as a medical tourist to heal on holiday? Perhaps you can time your visit to enjoy a special event. Most noteworthy, if you came last week, you could’ve attended a Campus Party. This one was the Guadalajara Technology Fair in Jalisco Mexico. Continue reading “Campus Party–Fun For Medical Tourists In Mexico”


Monthly Expenses in Mexico, Living or Visiting

Monthly Expenses in Mexico are affordable
Monthly Expenses in Mexico are so low so go!

How much would it cost you to visit our part of Mexico? Whether taking a vacation, or coming to heal, how much? Can you afford it?

The cost of living in Mexico is lower than in the United States. That’s in general. But what about specific budget items? Continue reading “Monthly Expenses in Mexico, Living or Visiting”


Canada Day Marks More Going As Medical Tourists

Canada Day marks more going  abroad despite free at home
Canada Day marks more going as medical tourists

July 1, Canada Day, a new report shows that in 2014, more than 50,000 Canadians left the country for medical treatment, 25% more than the previous year. A similar number became medical tourists in 2015. Why would someone pay for something they’re entitled to receive for free? Continue reading “Canada Day Marks More Going As Medical Tourists”


4th of July, Song Expresses Combined Patriotism

4th of July, song of two worlds
4th of July, song celebrates bi-culturalism

The 4th of July is famous for a smaller nation standing up to a larger one. Americans were determined to defend their:
* freedom,
* economic opportunity, and
* participatory democracy.
Most noteworthy, the rebels argued that Nature created everyone equal, with a right to pursue happiness. Continue reading “4th of July, Song Expresses Combined Patriotism”


New Company to Accredit Us Medical Tourism Facilitators

New Company to Accredit to catch up to us.
New Company to Accredit Facilitators to do what we’ve done all along.

Medical tourism adds the element of the unknown. Hence we try harder to prove patient safety is paramount. To ensure a good time is had by all, a new business has appeared. Continue reading “New Company to Accredit Us Medical Tourism Facilitators”