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Your Anti-Aging Vacation to Mexico

How do you get anti-aging work done in Mexico? Where can you find affordable anti-aging treatment In Mexico? And take a medical vacation in Mexico? People come from everywhere to Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico to receive anti-aging protocols and benefit from our before, during, and aftercare.

Our vetting of the professionals serving the largest expat community outside of the US is by Deborah VanArsdel, who made her career in healthcare evaluation and regulation. She interviewed the best known doctors and observed their offices and clinics. Our caregivers rival those of anywhere in the world.

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Medical tourism to India and anti-aging vacations to Costa Rica are likewise growing—as are the costs of getting and staying there. Here in Mexico with DocTours, you will likely find everything from hormone replacement therapy to HGH and Stem Cells much more affordable. And with the Dollar to Peso exchange rate skyrocketing, your dollar goes a very long way here.

In their home countries, Americans and Canadians can save by turning to a doctor who charges less. Or, they can fly south. A price much lower than what's charged in the US and Canada does not make the Mexican doctor equivalent to a less expensive American or Canadian one. Rather, it means that almost all goods and services cost less in Mexico. On the Chapala Riviera, one can hire a DocTours professional as talented as one anywhere, pay far less, and receive treatment that's as good as it gets.

In this popular expat community, one can experience a bit of home away from home. If you've already decided but need to know how to get an anti-aging protocol in Mexico, you've come to the right site. We're here to help you find affordable rejuvenation treatment while taking a medical vacation.

She interviewed every doctor in the Lake Chapala region of Mexico, and observed their offices and clinics.
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"Yes, I am very pleased with my treatment so far. My doctor is excellent. Also, I've recommended him to all my friends."
Betty, local expat in Lake Chapala

"A US hospital should also have its recovery room adjoining the cashier's office."
Francis O'Walsh

The protocols

For Both Women and Men...
Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine:

Patients receive the following:

  • The treatment begins with a Complete Vitamin Panel and Complete Blood Panel that includes function of all internal organs and cancer markers plus an IGF-I test and hormones parameters; these tests are repeated every month as long as the treatment lasts.
  • For any deficiencies identified, IV Replacement and Antioxidant therapy are given.
  • Human Growth Hormones and Stem Cells from Switzerland are administered once a week for one month, then twice weekly for one month, then once a month for four months;
  • A Facial Antioxidant treatment with PRP and cellular Therapy using "Dermapen" is administered five times over the six month period.
  • Bio-identical Hormones are used for hormone deficiencies; the hormone pellets are implanted at the end of the 6 month treatment period to maintain optimal levels.
  • Mega-doses of Antioxidants and Amino-acids/Multivitamins are administered.

The results of the entire Protocol last for 2 - 3 years.

This protocol schedule covers six months. Due to the frequency of treatments, patients need to remain in the area for the first two months. To continue the Protocol, patients return once a month for four months. After the six-month treatment is completed, patients return in 90 days, then in 180 days to receive Boosters.

Patients who will be lodging with us for a month or more receive the greatly discounted long-term rate which is included in the total all-inclusive price quote.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Patients receive Bio-identical Hormones from Harbor compounding laboratories and Bioidentiko laboratories, plus hormone pellet implant for either male or female patients.

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Our Doctors

Our professionals have skills that meet American and Canadian standards. Our affordable doctors use a combination of proven techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. Our surgeons enjoy the best reputations in the large expat community on the shores of Lake Chapala. Our clients receive the treatment that they are accustomed to—but at prices they can afford.

All our doctors have the requisite training, degrees, licenses, and credentials. Many received their advanced degrees from the Autonomous University of Jalisco at Guadalajara, one of the best in the Western Hemisphere with many recently completed facilities. Our doctors have experience in Mexico and abroad, membership in professional societies, attend conferences, and subscribe to journals.

Some of our doctors have published articles or have a local luminary as a patient. Some have been professors in medical school. Some have directed research in an institute. All have "hospital privileges", meaning they have been approved to practice medicine in modern hospitals and outpatient clinics in Guadalajara.

Our doctors inform you about:

  • how long it will take
  • any discomfort you can expect
  • risks and possible complications
  • how long the results can be expected last

DocTours makes sure that you are fully aware of all the realities of anti-aging treatment, both in general and in your particular case.

By training, culture, and personality, they make you feel totally at ease. You'll feel comfortable asking questions any time. If you are bringing a friend or family member along, that person will be made to feel welcome and may join you during your consultation. Some insurers offer and some businesses purchase plans that cover medical tourism, some of which cover the cost (both travel and lodging!) of your traveling companion. (Ask your boss.)

"The doctor is a great diagnostician. In his role as a general practitioner, he will come to your home, as will most doctors here at Lakeside."
Dianne P., Lakeside

Are You Ready?

Many patients have gone before, taking a medical vacation in Mexico for their anti-aging protocols, and with happy results. THE TOTAL COST includes ALL appointments, tests, medicines, supplements, treatments, and all local logistics (see DocTours Services below). For anti-aging and regenerative medicine it is $8,370 US, compared to the $15,000 US average anti-aging treatment cost. For HRT (hormone replace therapy) the price for women is $300; for men, $600. Ready?

Which one is Younger?Which One is Younger?

Our 7 Step Process

  1. Tell us what you hope to achieve and your particular concerns in the text box on our Intake Form. Tell us what time frame you'd like to spend on the Chapala riviera, bearing in mind most treatments require two months (some longer). We convey that information to the doctor and determine the doctor's availability.

  2. We reply via email with the dates they're available for you to begin treatment.

  3. Respond with your choice of one of the available dates to begin treatment (that keeps you in the area for the first two months)—usually starting a month out from your initial contact (Step 1, above). Or request another date. You and your physician will arrange followup appointments to which we provide the transportation.
  4. To reserve your appointment date, make a down payment. For details on the DocTours Services such as transportation, lodging, meals, etc., see the next section below. For information on our refund policy, see our Concierge Tourism Agreement, paragraph 11. In the box below, enter $2,370.
    Click   to submit. Thanks. The availability of your doctor can change rapidly; a timely response locks in your preferred date.
  1. Upon receiving our confirmation, make your travel arrangements, taking care to arrive in time. Forward us your itinerary. Make sure your passport has at least six months before expiration..

  2. Once you have become a patient, your doctor will want to know as much about your overall condition as possible (in totally secure privacy). Fill out the Health History form. Email your medical records that include your current health status and diagnoses. Bring them with you if your home doctor cannot send them.

  3. At your first appointment with the doctor, $2,000 is due for the initial treatment; the balance is due at subsequent appointments—$1,000 a month for four months, paid directly to the doctor.

Due to the fees for using a credit card or converting currency, we ask you to use PayPal again (as above) or transfer funds electronically or withdraw pesos. Your debit card is good at any Mexican ATM, even at a Mexican bank if it partners up with a US bank. Advise your bank that you will be using your cards in Mexico to keep them activated.

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DocTours Anti-Aging Therapy in Mexico
Your Concierge for Medical Tourism at its Best

The overall price of your visit includes the treatments, plus our vetting of the doctor, and our administrative work to ensure you have a completely positive and satisfactory experience with us. Clients receive lodging, two daily meals—breakfast, dinner, plus snacks—and ground transportation to and from the airport and your appointments. The English-speaking staff can create your home away from home where you can choose not to be left alone, from arrival to departure.

You may wish to add extra services such as personalized transportation, a massage, a manicure, or meals delivered from a restaurant. These incidentals are not included in the main price. However, they cost far less in Mexico. Just relax and enjoy.

If you want to take a medical vacation, in Mexico you can find affordable and highly competent dentists, surgeons and physicians. In addition to vetting DocTours' professionals, we can suggest some of the most fun spots and activities in the Chapala Riviera. Olé!

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Two Treatments in One Trip

While visiting, you may want to receive another Sentient Treatment—whereby we take into consideration all your needs; physical, mental and spiritual—such as our affordable dental work, or Cosmetic Surgery. Learn more about medical tourism in Mexico and wellness travel in Mexico. If you enjoy traveling with another, please familiarize them with this site, too.

"The doctor is a microbiologist who speaks English. His hormone therapy can help women who have night sweats, the inability to sleep, hair loss, mood swings, and memory loss. If a woman is low in testosterone it could be the cause of her inability to lose weight! I have had three pellet implants since living at Lakeside, which takes about 10 minutes in his office. Four of my friends have also raved about the improvement of their sleep and their moods. The use of this hormone replacement therapy has been around since the late 1930's. Having had a complete hysterectomy, my body no longer produces these hormones so I require a pellet every 6 months and for me and my husband, IT IS WORTH every cent"
Barbara A., Lakeside 2016
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