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Where can you find affordable dental care? Where can you find affordable medical care, even plastic surgery? In Mexico!

We help dental tourists and medical tourists come from around the world to Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico to undergo treatment with our doctors, dentists, and plastic surgeons, and benefit from our before, during, and aftercare.

How do you get dental work in Mexico? How do you get medical care in Mexico? How do you get plastic surgery in Mexico? How can you take a medical or dental vacation in Mexico? You've come to the right place to find out! We'll walk you through every step.

Your Caregivers

DocTours is a small, homegrown medical and dental liaison team, created for those wishing their own personal assistant to accompany them throughout their journey. From the time you arrive at the airport in Guadalajara or via land by automobile, we meet you, take you directly to your lodging and remain at your disposal during your entire stay with us. We make sure all of your needs are met every step of the way, with smiles on our faces.

Given our size, we are available to focus on each individual client around the clock. During your stay our English-speaking staff provides your home away from home with meals and ground transportation. If you're taking a medical or dental vacation in Mexico, we will also suggest some of the spots and activities for having the most fun. Ole!

Our care-givers rival those of anywhere in the world. The popularity of medical tourism to India and dental vacations to Costa Rica are likewise growing—as are the costs of getting and staying there. With DocTours, you will likely find everything from root canals to esthetic surgery much more affordable.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So does not having health insurance."attributed to Joe Hickman

"The doctor is a great addition to our lakeside community. As a doctor, he is knowledgeable and thorough. As a person, he is personable and caring."
— Joy D., Lake Chapala

Meet the DocTours Team... we really like helping people get the medical care they need, in Mexico!

Deborah Van Arsdel
Deborah Van Arsdel


"My interest in health and healthcare dates back to young adulthood. I started my career by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Florida through a training program at a small community hospital. I worked as a CNA in both acute care settings and home health.

"Somehow I managed to earn a Bachelor of Science in Transcultural Nursing from the University of Miami, while raising my daughter and working full-time. After graduating, I sat for the boards and was granted a Registered Nurse license by the State of California, followed by a Public Health Nurse certification. My professional career spanned the healthcare nursing field to include Acute Hospital settings, Home Health care settings and Long-term care settings.

"Eventually, after many months of specialized training in Sacramento and numerous clinical settings across California, I took and passed the Federal test to become a Health Facilities Evaluator Nurse (HFEN) with the California Department of Health Services. As a HFEN with years of training to recognize care and facilities that met all of the State and Federal standards and regulations, I became adept at recognizing any deficient care or facilities not meeting those standards. My unique background and knowledge puts me in an advantageous position to effectively evaluate the care being provided by doctors and the hospital or clinics they work from, wherever they may be.

"I have been a part time resident in the Lake Chapala Riviera since 2011, having lived in both Chapala and outside of Ajijic in San Antonio. It is a truly unique, charming, and beautiful area with every convenience located within or nearby. We highly recommend this special part of Mexico for your dental and medical needs, so we invite you to meet us there soon!"

Jeffery Smith
Jeffery J. Smith

Jeffery is President of the Geonomy Society; member of Mensa and the Society for Ecological Economics; retired teacher of ESL and Spanish, assistant at the Marc Smith Advertising Agency; and currently a writer, inventor, and world traveler. Jeffery says:

"My body is still in pretty good shape and I intend to keep it that way. No short cuts for me. When shopping, I buy next to no packaged goods, just some pasta (maybe some chocolate if nobody is looking). I hike, ride my bike, swim, and play tennis rather than come in out of the rain. I'd like to meditate but cogitating takes up all my time.

"Generally I feel good and I never want to feel pain. I wouldn't have a piercing even if you paid me, even with platinum from the toothpick of Adonis, not even to please the favorite person in my life, my teenage child. Able to resist being a slave to fashion is one of the blessings of aging.

"Recently, for the first time in my life, I got quoted a steep price for dental work. Even if my pockets were deep enough to put me in a seat at the Cannes Film Festival, the quote would still have made me blink. But my pockets are not sagging, so I found myself in a pinch that might happen to anybody. My dentist told me I needed a root canal—cost: $1500. My expat friends in Lake Chapala (near Guadalajara) relayed their dentist’s quote—$150, literally one tenth.

"While I like saving, I also like to play it safe. I learned my friends' dentists and doctors provide excellent care with friendly "bedside" (dental-chairside) manner. Some have won awards, some worked or trained in the States, and all speak English. Their dentist's office equipment and techniques are state–of–the–art. Their patients get the best of both worlds.

"So I flew on down and rid myself of my toothache with zero complications. Then I played for a few weeks, and still spent less than I would have at home. Worked for me!"

Antonio Villafan-Alvarado
Antonio Villafan-Alvarado

A native to Mexico, Toni was born in the State of Michoacan, on the other side of Lake Chapala. When he was eight years old, he immigrated with his parents to the United States. As a young boy he was educated in California.

Interested in helping people with various needs, he became a volunteer first responder for local emergencies, volunteer firefighter, caregiver, and provider of transportation in the communities where he lived—the San Francisco Bay area, the Central Valley, and the Sierra foothills. People were attracted to his jovial, trustworthy, and good-natured personality.

Toni possessed skills to match as a handyman, driver, and even a chef extraordinaire at the local hospital, with impressive knowledge about many things, especially his great love, Mexico. He was always in demand and busy with both large and small projects. Toni also boasts of experience as a security guard at government buildings in the Bay area.

Returning frequently to his country of birth, he chose to make it his permanent home in 2011, settling in the small town of La Higuera. He had visited the Lake Chapala area in Jalisco numerous times, formed friendships there and worked helping a number of expats with various needs. His bilingual skills keep him in demand by non-Spanish speaking individuals. Toni has happily received all of his dental and medical care in Mexico since that time.

"...receive both the hi-tech that Americans are accustomed to, plus the "hi-touch"—i.e., warmer, more jovial, uninterrupted attention—with which Mexicans are familiar."

doctor at lake chapala

doctor and team

Our Specialists

Our dentists, doctors, and surgeons are rated the best in our large expat home, known as "Lakeside" by locals, in the heart of Mexico. All are experienced and dedicated to delivering the best possible treatment. Their care is precise and gentle, their bedside manner is par excellence.

In their home countries, Americans and Canadians can save money by turning to a doctor with less experience who charges less. Or, they can fly south. A price much lower than that charged in the US and Canada does not make the Mexican doctor equivalent to a less expensive American or Canadian doctor. Rather, it means that almost all goods and services cost less in Mexico. There, one can hire a doctor as talented as one anywhere, pay far less, and receive treatment that is as good as it gets.

Their clients from other nations receive both the hi-tech that Americans are accustomed to plus the "hi-touch"—i.e., warmer, more jovial, uninterrupted attention—with which Mexicans are familiar. Dentists and doctors there have time for their patients. The professionals choose to work on the shores of Lake Chapala because, as you will see for yourself when you come, it is a heavenly place to live.

"It was amazing to watch the doctor from the get-go; quick-acting, caring, intuitive, intelligent, and knows his medicine. He ends up with well-informed patients too. Quick action on his part, as well as his cardiologist associate and other medical staff at the hospital. He's so glad patient is feeling so much better and has been given a second chance at life. He's my new doctor now! We are so lucky to have him here in this area." Irish Gal, Lake Chapala
"Had two visits with this doctor. Found him very professional, caring and detail oriented. Had great results in a short period of time from his treatment. Would see him again without hesitation."
Casey K., Lake Chapala
staff medical office

medical office trainingProfessional Training

Most of our physicians and dentists have trained in Guadalajara, where many of Mexico's best have been trained. A number of them have also trained in the United States or abroad, and have earned recognition for their excellent skills. Guadalajara is the location of many world–class hospitals and clinics including a new state–of–the–art hospital built specifically and exclusively for Plastic Surgery. Most of our Lakeside surgeons have local offices but also use Guadalajara's finest hospitals and clinics.

We are here to provide you with the best, affordable medical care, dental work, and plastic surgery in Mexico, including the most affordable medical anti-aging Protocol that includes stem cell and HGH therapies and other Sentient Treatments.

Interested in medical dental tourism in Mexico? In wellness travel in Mexico?

If you enjoy traveling with another, please familiarize them with this site, too.

"I have had some fairly serious medical issues over the past few weeks. I feel extremely fortunate to have found the MD, to help me through them. He has both Mexican and US training, practiced in Chicago, is a fluent English speaker, and a fine general practice physician. I needed to see specialists in Guadalajara and he went with me each time!" William L., Lake Chapala
Koi pool by waiting roomPool by Waiting Room

To close with a chuckle:

Two guys are bungee-jumping one day. The first guy says to the second. "You know, we could make a lot of money running our own bungee-jumping service in Mexico."

The second guy thinks this is a great idea, so the two pool their money and buy everything they'll need—a tower, an elastic cord, insurance, etc.

They travel to Mexico and began to set up on the square. As they are constructing the tower, a crowd begins to assemble. Slowly, more and more people gather to watch them at work.

Once they complete the tower, and announcement is made in Spanish and the first guy jumps.

He bounces at the end of the cord, but when he comes back up, the second guy notices that he has a few cuts and scratches. Unfortunately, the second guy isn't able to catch him, he falls again, bounces, and comes back up again.

This time, he is bruised and bleeding. Again,the second guy misses him. The first guy falls again and bounces back up. This time, he comes back pretty messed up—he's got a couple of broken bones and is almost unconscious. Luckily, the second guy finally catches him this time and says, "What happened? Was the cord too long?"

The first guy says, "No, the cord was fine, but what the heck is a piñata?"

[Please do not be concerned. We know the meaning of "piñata".]

"Had two visits with this Doctor. Found him very professional, caring and detail oriented. Had great results in a short period of time from his treatment. Would see him again without hesitation."
Casey K., Lake Chapala
"The doctor is knowledgeable in many areas. His genuine concern for his patients shows in his passion for medicine."

Jill W., Lake Chapala
"My unique background and knowledge puts me in an advantageous position to effectively evaluate the care being provided by doctors and the hospital or clinics they work from, wherever they may be."
~~ Deborah Van Arsdel - RN, BSN, PHN