Mexico, 4th Happiest: Destination of Medical Tourists

In the list of #happy nations, #Mexico came in 4th. The Aztec country ranked fourth in the world among 55 others. But in spite of that, the poll found, Mexicans are also very #pessimistic.

#Gallup conducts their International Annual Global End of Year #Survey. Their 2017 poll on happiness, hope, and economic optimism was their 41st. The same questionnaire also placed Mexico among the top 10 most pessimistic countries.

Here’re the details:
* A whopping 84% of Mexicans described themselves as happy.
* Just 2% said they were unhappy.
* And even one tenth were neutral, and
* 3% did not know or did not answer.
All in all, a good show.

Mexico, 4th Happiest: Destination of Medical Tourists, Also Pessimistic

But fewer Mexicans are happy about the prospects for this year. Asked if they believed 2018 would be better, worse, or the same as 2017,
* 38% answered neutrally,
* 34% were described as pessimists, and
* only 26% as optimists.
Sort of takes the shine off.

Asked if they believed 2018 would bring economic prosperity, economic difficulty, or remain the same for their country,
* 46% were pessimistic in this regard, and
* 40% neutral.
* The optimists amounted to only 11%.
And that’s a further slide.

Gallup polled 802 Mexicans between November 3 and December 6. It said the results have a margin of error of between +3-5% at 95% confidence level.

Mexico, 4th Happiest: Destination of #Medical Tourists, In Other Polls

Conversely, Mexico did even better in another happiness survey two years ago. The Happy Planet Index ranked Mexico in second place in 2016.

However, the 2017 World Happiness Report put Mexico in 25th place in a field of 155 countries. That came after ranking 14th in 2015 and 21st in 2016.

Compare Mexico to the United States. In the new Gallup survey of Americans:
* 64% of respondents described themselves as happy,
* 20% were neutral, and
* 14% as unhappy.
Gringos have some catching up to do.

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