Medical Tourists to Mexico, No Visa Needed, Even If Vacationing–Maybe

Medical Tourists to Mexico, No Visa Needed if sense prevails.
Medical Tourists to Mexico, No Visa Needed pretty soon probably

First of all, #Mexico has always been a leader in tourism worldwide. Because it has diverse features that attract visitors. Especially relevant, recent foreigners have come as part of Health Tourism.

Most noteworthy, in 2017 approximately 5 million people entered Mexico for health services. For surgery, Mexico ranks second after Thailand. Probably many millions more Americans will visit if the US Congress completely disappears Obamacare.

Most of all, a big reason gringos choose Mexico is #affordability. Opposite the States, it costs between 36% to 89% lower in Mexico for the same treatment.

#Medical Tourists to Mexico, No #Visa Needed, If Being Treated–Maybe

Another aspect of health tourism positions Mexico as a leader. Nearly 2/3rd of its GPs have some specialty. That figure exceeds the OECD average.

The specialties that attract the most visitors are:
* cardiology,
* aesthetic and reconstructive surgery,
* fertility and reproductive health,
* oncology,
* orthopedics,
* #dentistry, and
* assistance to the elderly.

Furthermore, to facilitate medical tourism, the Mexican Congress approved a new bill. It would exempt medical tourists from needing a visa. Presently the bill is in the Senate of the Republic.

Medical Tourists to Mexico, No Visa Needed, Even For Wellness–Maybe

This tourist industry has two components: Medical Tourism and #Wellness Travel. The first includes surgical procedures, ambulatory interventions, and drug treatments. The second refers to enjoying activities at spas, spiritual retreats, and assisted living.

In the country where wellness travel originated, new establishments provide comfortable and comprehensive assistance at the highest level.

Also, Mexico’s new hospitals are state-of-the-art, reinforcing the institutional image of hospitals there. Finally, the Joint Commission International (JCI) accredits Mexican hospitals and clinics. It’s the same commission that accredits hospitals in all nations. Hence their #accreditation give visiting patients peace of mind.

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